Instagram-Worthy Spots in Singapore

Whether they admit it or not, most people get a twinge of satisfaction after seeing the likes stack up on their perfectly composed image on Instagram. Singaporeans, in particular, are one of the most avid users of social media and with a city brimming with insane architecture and diverse cultural artefacts, it’s quite easy to see why. That said, we’ve rounded up some of the cool and quirky places to snap the Instagram photos of your social-media dreams, while having a great time in the process.


  1. Clarke Quay

Clarke Quay is simply a kaleidoscopic mix of colonial Singapore and futuristic skyscrapers. Once known as a centre place of the local trade, it has now turned into a haven for foodies who enjoy relaxing outdoor drinks in bars and restaurants.

Going on a trip from Clarke Quay to Marina Bay would also be a good idea if you want to capture that perfect lens flare between the buildings or the otters that live in the waterways.

  1. Koon Seng Road

After capturing the modern side of the city, it’s now time to juxtapose your Instagram feed with a bit of colonial history by strolling in the colourful Koon Seng Road. The block is a stretch of rainbow-coloured buildings showcasing the influence of the East and West in their architectural style. The northern side of the street is considered as the most picturesque, so visiting the place in the morning will allow you to snap the sun perfectly hitting the façades.

  1. Cloud Forest in Gardens by the Bay

Time to celebrate and take amazing snaps of the trademarked Singaporean ingenuity by visiting the Cloud Forest at the Gardens by the Bay. Like something out of the movie Avatar, you get to see sky-bridges float over the lush rainforests and waterfalls splashing all around you, all housed in sci-fi movie inspired bio-dome. Although it’s a popular attraction among photographers, there are endless crannies and nooks that you can check to get your own original shot.


  1. Palawan Beach, Sentosa

The three main beaches located in Sentosa Island are Tanjong, Siloso and Palawan, each with their unique characteristics. Siloso beach is for the more adventurous locals and tourists with its manmade whirlpools and waves, while Tanjong caters to the city’s elite group with its popular Tanjong Beach Club. If you’re a photography enthusiast, however, then Palawan beach is for you. The Robinson Crusoe vibe of its rope bridge is definitely a good addition to your feed.

  1. Singapore Flyer

You’ve probably sized this up as some kind of a tourist trap but we assure you that it’ll surprise you with the absolutely stunning scenery that it offers. So enjoy it and you’ll be rewarded with a snap that’ll surely make your followers hit the ‘like’ button.

With its amazing sceneries, getting an Instagram-worthy photo in Singapore isn’t that difficult. So go ahead, capture some great photos and enjoy these places at the same time.


Moments When You Unwittingly Betrayed Your Partner

A loving and romantic relationship requires both parties’ honesty and commitment. But despite your best intentions, there are still some things that you do that might not appear harmful to you, but can actually hurt your relationship. This means that even though you’re not cheating, there will be moments when you do a certain thing that’s actually a form of betrayal even if it’s not what you intended.

from friends to lovers

  1. Lying

You’re expected to be honest with your partner all the time, but there will be times when you’ll be forced to lie to keep your relationship peaceful. Although it might seem necessary at times, it’s important to think about what your motives are every time you lie.

If you lied because you did something that you’re not supposed to do, then understand that you’re in the wrong and have to stop.

  1. Flirting With Someone Else

Whether it’s your neighbour, a co-worker or someone else, flirting with someone because you like them is wrong. It might seem innocent when it starts, but it might lead to situations you wouldn’t want to and shouldn’t be in the first place.

  1. Criticizing Your Partner in Public

 There are times when arguments happen in public, and since you’re exasperated, you can’t help but give some sarcastic remarks. But whatever it is that you do, understand that it can be hurtful to your partner and that regardless of the mistake they made, they don’t deserve to be humiliated publicly.

Also, remember that what you do reflects your character and you definitely don’t want people to see you as a horrible girlfriend.


  1. Spending Most of Your Time With Others

Spending some time apart is understandable, especially if you have deadlines to meet or if you work long hours. But this is also the reason why you need to recharge and relax with your partner on your days off. Ask yourself as to how you spend your free time. Do you still spend it on work, or do you use it to bond with your significant other? Your answer will tell whether or not you’re betraying your significant other.

  1. Being Unreasonably Selfish

There will be times when you need to put yourself first, but being unreasonably selfish is a completely different story. In fact, it’s even worse when you don’t tell him why you’re acting that way. Understand that your guy will never be a mind reader, so help him out by explaining why you’re acting the way you are – even if you think the reason for it is pretty obvious.

Although cheating on your partner is the ultimate form of betrayal, doing these little things could still lead to the destruction of your relationship’s foundation. It’s always best to address such issues now to avoid the harmful effects it may cause to your relationship.


How Singapore captures the limelight?  


The world is evolving and developing each day which leads to the countries competing for the standards. Wherever they belong, a third world, industrialised or a developing country, they have only one priority – that is to pride itself for being the best and the ideal nation. It is then the responsibility of every country to commit itself to producing competent citizens as well as a culture and practices where every country can look up to. One Asian country, Singapore, emerges from the typical nation to one of the most admired nowadays due to the fact that the said country has achieved so much stability both in economic and social aspects.


If we try to take a look into the causes which might have brought Singapore to the limelight is its culture which remains unfading up to these times. As it has been stated, economic and social stability have something to do with the national culture of a nation and that is where Singapore is best at showing and sustaining. In their culture, they have what they call as Kiasu. To acquaint you, Kiasu, referring to Singaporean context is pointed to maintaining the national tradition culture so as to achieve economic and social stability. Moreover, according to terminologies, Kiasu means afraid to lose and the mind set of always wanting to be first in line, thus, driving to excel always in competition, in negotiation. Kiasu is evident in the culture of Singapore. They just don’t simply settle for what is ordinary and regular because they aim for something greater, anything that can possibly surpass the average and the typical capacity of a nation. This, in fact, is a good and commendable attitude which every country must follow, if they desire too.


Some say that kiasu creates a selfish mentality because you only consider and think of and for yourself, no other more. If we take into account this side, it perhaps deliver that sort of attitude but sometimes you have to compromise a good thing to arrive at a common good. It is not sufficient all the times that you adhere to what is the standard for humanity’s sake because most of the times, to be genuinely compassionate, you have to keep one thing to be able to consider helping others too. Furthermore, what may be good to one may not necessarily good to you. Practices and traditions are relative; it is dependent on what works for you. And Singapore evidently shows economic, social and political stability by utilizing this kind of mentality; hence, the inclusion of this in their culture.

If Kiasu works for one country, then there can be a possibility that it can also be feasible to Singaporean-like economic and social structure countries.


How Arts Keep A Nation’s Identity

When talking of identity, there can be different aspects and factors to help keep this. In particular for nation, the identity can be a crucial indication of its standing and status in the world. However, this identity can also emanate from various aspects like culture, traditions, foods, people, ways and arts. Arts, one of these aspects can contribute to establish and later maintain the identity of a certain country.


Arts then is a vital and can be a primary factor for creating a county’s identity. Most nations have complex arts because of the inclusion of other cultures like European infused in Asian arts. But there are also some countries which have a discernible and unmixed arts. One country which manifests somewhat a combined arts is Singapore. Unlike the other countries which have concentrated on visual and performing arts, this Asian nation merges European arts with notable arts of Asia, thus, producing a distinctive arts. Utilizing the diverse cultures that make up its society, Singapore created an extensive set of art types ranging from universal paintings, dances, theatre, music and sculptures. They have varied ways on presenting the arts the country possesses and not only confined to the visual and performing arts. To elucidate, there are some works of notable Singaporean artists which are made available for viewing in the Singapore National Gallery.


There can also be some countries which can influence the art of one nation. This can sometimes be referred as cultural immersion. Maybe because of some geographical and political alterations and occurrences, a specific art of one country greatly impacts the art of another country and this leads now to the formation of an identical art of the latter. The mixed customs and traditions are being utilized by the people for expression of these arts, of whatever forms. This also leads the easy identification of origin of one country and if developed, into its own identity.

In these times, the art is the ideal representation of a country. Arts can be opulent in custom, tangible representation and blends the tradition and impacts not only of its primary cultures nevertheless that of the world too. As every country is targeting to be the key inventive and societal core in the world, the artistic prospects of each have magnificently developed to put up its global audience, but have maintained its distinctiveness and national identity. An identity is indeed vital for a nation’s existence. Since art is one component, it should continue to be developed and patronized as well.


10 Helpful Tips in Choosing the Right Bridal Salon

Choosing a bridal dress can be stressful, but you can make it less daunting and even a pleasurable experience when you work with the right people and the right company. If you go the wrong way, you may end up spending more on your dress than you intend. To jumpstart your wedding dress shopping adventure, here are some smart tips on how to choose the right bridal salon to work with.


1. Location

The location of the bridal boutique is significant if you want to save on shipping fee and for easy access in case of last minute alterations. Find out what salons are available in your area—your local phone book is a good place to start. You can also ask your relatives, friends, and colleagues for recommendations. Aside from collecting suggestions, you’ll also hear honest feedback from their experiences.

2. Trunk Shows and Sample Sales

When new lines of dresses are released and older lines discontinue, bridal shops and designers host sales with ridiculously low process for try-on sample dresses. As long as the gowns aren’t stained in a way dry cleaning can’t handle, sample sales and trunk shows are great places to score designer gowns for a fraction of its original price.

3. Sales Staff

Another important point to consider is the sales staff of the bridal studio. Try calling the shop for a few questions. Not only will this help you get valuable information, but the conversation will help you gauge of what a company’s sale staff is like in person. Are they welcoming and eager to help you out with your queries? Are they friendly and courteous? Whitelink is a beautiful bridal studio in Singapore that has great staff to help you in your wedding dress shopping. Shopping in a salon with rude and snobbish sales people will likely make your dress shopping more stressful. This is a once-in-a-lifetime experience, so don’t hesitate to patronize a bridal shop that offers better services.

4. Taking Pictures and Revealing Names of Designers

Some shops don’t allow taking pictures and won’t reveal the designer’s name because they know it’ll be easier for you to run to other stores and compare prices. If you have less information, you’re less likely to go somewhere else to find the same dress. However, keep in mind that you have the right to know whom you’re wearing; and instead of getting in an argument with the bridal staff, research about the store’s policies beforehand.

5. Available Sizes

Many studios only carry up to bridal size eight, which is actually a size four in standard women’s sizes. So if you’re bigger than this size, you’ll not find anything that’ll fit you. Although it’s not necessary to zip up every single dress to figure out whether you like it or not, you should be able to try on a variety of styles close to your size.


6. Price Range and Inventory

Among the first questions you should ask a bridal studio is the price range of their gowns. The average price should fit into your budget. However, the inventory should also be extensive enough to provide you plenty of options in sizing and styles. Also ask whether alterations are included in the pricing, bridal accessories are available at their shop, and the store hours.

7. Business Status

While some brides found excellent deals from salons going out of business, others have horrible experiences with these establishments—taking the dress of their dreams or a portion or all of their money. Because of this, it’s important to be cautious of shops that are about to close their business. The best you can do when transacting with any boutique is to pay via credit card instead of cash, so you can file a dispute claim if things go awry.

8. The Shop Itself

Another factor to consider when choosing a bridal studio is the place itself. A good studio should be clean, organized, have good lighting, and have plenty of mirrors so you can see yourself in every angle. The shop should also have ample space for you to walk and move around to test the fit of the dress. After all, you will be dancing, sitting, hugging, standing, and many more on your wedding day.

9. The Type of Boutique

If you’ve been researching enough, you should be aware by now that there are two types of bridal shops in your local area: the designer boutiques and the one-stop bridal studios. The latter is popular because brides can find almost everything they need for a wedding. From the bridal gown to photographer, these studios make it easier and more convenient for brides who want to deal with fewer vendors. On the other hand, designer boutiques focus more on creating unique gowns. If you want a dress that’s created for you alone, then a designer boutique is more suited for you.

10. Work Samples

If the bridal studio offers other services, like hair and make-up and photography, don’t hesitate to ask for work samples. Don’t make a decision based only on the salesperson’s words. Make it a point to view samples and portfolios. If the studio has more than one make-up artist or photographer, ask to each of the staff’s works. Lastly, don’t forget to ask for discount or any incentive if you book multiple services from the same studio.

Bridal dress shopping, like the rest of the wedding planning process, doesn’t have to be stressful. Working with the right bridal boutique can make it easier for you to look and feel perfect on the biggest day of your life.


Tips on How to Mend Broken Relationships

Starting a relationship for some Singaporean couples may be a quick and easy process made possible and acceptable by modern times but it can also be a result of long and patient hard work. It’s just ironic that most relationships that end apart may be a quick and instant affair regardless of how they were started. One partner may have seen it coming for a long time but the other may just find himself/herself waking up to the reality of the breakup. Fixing a broken relationship is a long shot for most couples where broken relationships are likened to shattered glasses. But for those who are still hopeful in mending their broken relationships, here are some tips to help you:


Realize the real reasons behind your breakup

The first step to mending broken relationships is to realize and completely understand the reasons why you two broke up. Breakups may be triggered by petty reasons but the real reason behind the breakup is more complicated and serious than meets the eye. You may realize that the root cause lies on a far past that was only taken for granted but it may also be a continuous issue that has built up over time.

Learn to completely forgive your partner

If you’re both willing to start anew in your relationship then you need to also learn how to completely forgive each other for your past mistakes. You’re only taking your relationship nowhere if you insist on holding on to keeping tabs of everything your partner has done wrong. Part of attaining a successful relationship is accepting your partner completely – mistakes and all.


Make renewal of commitments

Once you have both agreed on renewing your relationships, consider this as the perfect opportunity for renewing your commitments with each other. Renewal of commitments after overcoming serious obstacles in the relationships will make couples feel like they have achieved something big as well as grown in their relationship. This signals a renewed hope for a better chapter for you two.

Be willing to change yourself

The best way to correct anything wrong that has happened in the past is for you to be willing to become a better person because of it. Your willingness to work on yourself and avoid on placing the blame on other people or situations show that you have matured as a person. This makes you more appealing to your partner, too.


Tips on How to be a Successful Forex Trader

The Forex Market is the world’s largest and busiest financial market. It is played by mainly the major leagues in the world of financial trade such as institutional banks, multinational corporations, and hedge funds. The currency trading takes place in the world’s biggest financial centers as well such as London, New York, and Tokyo. The potential of earning huge profit in Forex trading makes it attractive not just to the major big leagues but even to   dreamy ambitious individual. Singaporeans who are dreaming of making it big as a successful Forex trader may bear in mind the following tips:


Set clearly defined financial goals

Set clearly defined financial goals as you enter the world of Forex trading. This helps you consider carefully the methods you need to take in order to achieve those goals. Just like any goal-setting, make sure your method is specific, measureable, attainable, relevant, and has a timeline. This will greatly help you in your trading strategy.

Identify your risk profile

There are different risk profiles as there are different personalities trading the Forex market. Identifying your risk profile is important as this will determine your trading attitude, trading approach, and even preferred trading timelines.

Get a reliable Forex broker

Getting a reliable Forex broker is a crucial step to successful Forex trading so make sure that you only deal with brokers that are duly certified. You cannot do without a broker as they are the ones responsible for giving you the trading platform to make your trade orders as well as supply you with useful trade tools that are necessary for making wise trading moves.


Plan out a systematic methodology

There are different trading strategies to choose from but you only need to choose one methodology that you can consistently use and rely on. There is no such thing as a perfect methodology so you may have to make some trial and errors with the most widely used and popular strategies and consider which among these are most suited to your trading attitude and style. Relying on a consistent methodology will help you gain extensive learning as you learn through trial and error.

Be willing to take some losses

Forex trading is as risky as it gets. Make sure you are emotionally and mentally ready to take some financial losses while trading. Also, you can cushion the pain of your losses by only investing money that you’re willing to part with.


Tips to Encourage Saving For Older Kids  


You just realized that it is time for your child to know the importance of saving but then he is older. If you taught him saving earlier, you will have no problems pointing out its importance by now but know that it is not yet too late. Regardless of the age, saving can still be done.


As your child grows, he needs more than goal charts and illustrations. He needs to know some basics of saving and what it can do to him. Here in Singapore, savings can take one far. You are there so you can guide him through it all. Here are some tips to encourage saving for your older kids:

  • Open a savings account: The first thing that you need to teach him is the concept of interest. Explain that the interest can increase his funds and with steady return. The more he saves the more interest he can get. Now that you explained it, it is time that you open a savings account. There are different banks that offer high yield accounts and you need to decide which bank offers the most.
  • Help prioritize: This is the easiest part but when mishandled your child can have conflict of interests. Let your child write the things that he wants to spend money on. The list may be long. This is the reason why he needs to prioritize. He cannot possibly buy all things. You can help him by making the list short. Prioritizing should be considered. Make sure to teach him the value of long-term goals. After prioritizing, your child can allocate amount to each of his goals.

Kids-Saving-Money (1)

  • Let him make mistakes: It is kind of disappointing but sometimes, best lessons are extracted from bad or poor decisions. When your child is young, he will commit many financial mistakes leading to losses and the feelings won’t be great but that will teach him something at the end of the day. The lessons he will learn can change his type of thinking and it can serve him well in the long run.
  • Talk about money: You can talk about money without discussing your salary in front of the child. When you talk about it, it is about discussing your arrangements and financial plans in the future. For example, discuss about saving for retirement. This can give your kids idea that savings is a lifelong endeavour and it is serious.
  • Play games: There are plenty of games that can teach kids about important financial concepts. There are games that are not that hard to understand for example The Game of Life or Monopoly. It can teach children important money management and the significance of planning ahead.

It is crucial that you teach your child to save. Remember that saving is a significant step in preparation for financial responsibility which can lead to a secure future. You won’t go far if you just preach. You have to practice it as well so your child will know that you are also a patron. The point here is to set a good example and be consistent. When kids grow up, they will emulate your habits so better be a good one.    download

Exercise Guide to Improve Your Heart Health

You don’t need to be a hard-core athlete to improve your heart health. Performing regular moderate exercise is already enough to significantly reduce your risk of developing a chronic illness such as heart disease, as well as improve your endurance, flexibility and strength. While any type and amount of physical activity is beneficial for your overall health, read on to know about the best exercises that would boost your heart health, plus some tips on how to exercise if you have been diagnosed with a heart disease.


How Long and How Often Should I Exercise

If you’ve been living a sedentary lifestyle, then gradually work up to an aerobic session that lasts for 20 to 30 minutes, four times a week. A Singapore cardiologist recommends that you exercise most days of the week. Also, any amount of exercise is good for you but remember to always do it in moderation.

What Should I Do in Every Workout

All of your workout sessions should include a good warm-up exercise, conditioning phase, and cooldown.

• Warm-up: Take it easy for the first few minutes of your exercise to allow your body to get used to being physically active.
• Conditioning phase: This is the main part of your workout session. Simply put, this is when you perform your chosen workout routine.
• Cooling down: You’re already transitioning out of your workout routine. Avoid sitting, standing or lying down right after exercising, or you’ll end up feeling dizzy or having heart palpitations. The best cooldown routine is to ease up the intensity of your physical activity.

What Type of Workouts Should I Do

When it comes to the types of exercise routines you can do, you actually have lots of options. Any activity that makes your heart beat faster counts. Think about what your heart and overall health needs – if you’re looking for an activity that’s easy on your joints but still pumps up your heart, for instance, then consider swimming or walking exercises. Also, think about what workout routines would be fun to do, whether it’s something that you used to do, or an activity that you’ve been dying to try. Here, we’ve listed down some activities that you can try to improve your heart health.

1. Brisk Walking. Whether you rack up the miles on the road or on your treadmill, brisk walking exercise is a natural way to improve your heart and overall fitness. Just make sure you’re wearing comfortable walking shoes and you can now start moving around. A leisurely stroll is already a good exercise (compared to just sitting idly on your couch, anyway), but Singapore health experts like a cardiologist from Harley Street in Singapore suggest that it would be even better to walk at a faster pace for a moderate intensity exercise.

2. Running. Although it’s a bit challenging than walking, running is another heart-healthy exercise that you can do. Running is one of the best ways to burn calories, a great bonus if you’re trying to lose weight to reduce your heart disease risk. If you’re still new to running, experts advise that your start the activity with brisk walking while adding one to two minutes of running after every five minutes of walking. Once you get used to this, increase the minutes of your run until you no longer need to do walks in between.

3. Swimming. The pool is a great place to idle the time away, but you can also use it for a full body exercise. According to a cardiologist Singapore, swimming laps or participating in water fitness classes won’t just tone your muscles and improve your muscular strength, it’ll also raise your heart rate and boost your heart health. Swimming is also a great exercise alternative to walking and running if you’re suffering from joint problems.

4. Cycling. Another great cardiovascular activity that’s easy on the joints, cycling is a low-impact workout that can be done solo in the gym, in a spin class, or on the road. Efficiently use your cycling time by riding your bike to work or when doing some errands. Taking your bike off-road will help you raise your heart beat, tone your lower body, and build strength.

5. Circuit or Interval Training. If performing aerobic exercise straight bores you, try mixing things up. Example: for every three minutes of your cardio workout, perform a minute of strength training or high-intensity cardio. Another good option is to choose 5 to 10 strength training exercises and perform a set of each using lower weight and higher repetitions to raise your heart rate. Doing this type of workout won’t only keep you motivated to exercise, it’ll also improve your endurance, muscular strength and heart health.


How Hard Should I Exercise

According to Singapore health experts, you’re exercising vigorously if you can no longer say a few words without taking a breath. If you’ve been diagnosed with a heart disease, ask your specialist whether or not you should limit the intensity of your workout sessions. Remember that it’s much better to start taking things easy and working up to more challenging workouts to prevent any injury.

How to Stick With Exercising

• Ban Boredom. One of easiest way to make you stick with working out is to pick various activities that you like and mix them up to create your workout routine. As much as possible, avoid doing the same exercise routine over and over again as that’s what leads to loss of interest in exercising.
• Create Workout Playlists. Make your workout session livelier and more entertaining by creating a workout playlist and using it every time you exercise.
• Learn to Commit. You won’t always feel like exercising, and you’ll surely find all sorts of excuses not to do it, but understand that you’ll need to make a decision ahead of time, ignore those impulses and exercise anyway.
• Exercise within Your Budget. If you’re planning to maintain your workout routine, make sure that you exercise just within your budget. As much as possible, avoid buying expensive health club memberships or expensive equipment unless you’re certain that you’ll use them.

Although exercising really helps in improving our heart health, make sure that you consult your cardiologist Singapore first to ensure that the physical activities you want to do are appropriate for your age, fitness and health condition.


How to Make Saving Fun for Children  


It is very important that we teach our children the value of saving. Here in Singapore, people who learn to save at a young age went a long way. It is not easy to encourage children to save because they tend to see many things and the impulse is undeniable but it is important that we train them as early as possible.


Saving is no fun for some so the challenge here is how to make it enjoyable for your children. You just don’t tell them that they put all their money in a jar and expect to fill it without any explanation. Teaching children about saving should be in a way that they will understand it easily. You can teach simple tricks and as they grow old, you can impart different savings strategies.

Here are some tips on making saving fun for the children:

  • Utilize different envelopes or jars: Adults are familiar with the “envelop budgeting system”. This kind of system can help us keep tabs with our spending by labelling it. Children can learn from this system too. For children, you can look for different envelopes or jars and label it according to their needs or wants. For example, in an envelope, cut out a picture of a particular toy. This will encourage the children to save. Envelopes andcontainers should not only contain the savings. It should also contain daily spending of the child and it should not go beyond that.
  • Create savings goal chart: Now that you know what your child saves for, it is time that you help him figure out how and when he will get it. You can begin by making a goal chart. The chart can give him ideas of how many weeks it will take to get that particular toy. Do some calculations as much as possible. Do not forget to put the picture of the toy in the chart so he will be inspired every time he looks at it.


  • Offer reward: When training your child, one common technique is offering rewards. The good news is that there are plenty of prizes that you can offer to the children. For example, to encourage saving more, give your kid small reward or treat. It can be in a form offood or video games. As long as it motivates the child, there will be no problem.
  • Setting an example: This is always the most important thing that you can do as a parent. Setting a good example to your children will inspire them to move. Letting your child see you saving money is the best. Your child may even think that saving is normal.
  • Matching the contribution: There are some agencies here that can match up your contributions. This is a good feeling, right? It is time that you use this strategy to inspire action. For example, if your child reached his target, you can match up and he will be too happy because it doubled.

Savings should be taught and learned as soon as possible. It can make a difference at the end of the day.