10 Helpful Tips in Choosing the Right Bridal Salon

Choosing a bridal dress can be stressful, but you can make it less daunting and even a pleasurable experience when you work with the right people and the right company. If you go the wrong way, you may end up spending more on your dress than you intend. To jumpstart your wedding dress shopping adventure, here are some smart tips on how to choose the right bridal salon to work with.


1. Location

The location of the bridal boutique is significant if you want to save on shipping fee and for easy access in case of last minute alterations. Find out what salons are available in your area—your local phone book is a good place to start. You can also ask your relatives, friends, and colleagues for recommendations. Aside from collecting suggestions, you’ll also hear honest feedback from their experiences.

2. Trunk Shows and Sample Sales

When new lines of dresses are released and older lines discontinue, bridal shops and designers host sales with ridiculously low process for try-on sample dresses. As long as the gowns aren’t stained in a way dry cleaning can’t handle, sample sales and trunk shows are great places to score designer gowns for a fraction of its original price.

3. Sales Staff

Another important point to consider is the sales staff of the bridal studio. Try calling the shop for a few questions. Not only will this help you get valuable information, but the conversation will help you gauge of what a company’s sale staff is like in person. Are they welcoming and eager to help you out with your queries? Are they friendly and courteous? Whitelink is a beautiful bridal studio in Singapore that has great staff to help you in your wedding dress shopping. Shopping in a salon with rude and snobbish sales people will likely make your dress shopping more stressful. This is a once-in-a-lifetime experience, so don’t hesitate to patronize a bridal shop that offers better services.

4. Taking Pictures and Revealing Names of Designers

Some shops don’t allow taking pictures and won’t reveal the designer’s name because they know it’ll be easier for you to run to other stores and compare prices. If you have less information, you’re less likely to go somewhere else to find the same dress. However, keep in mind that you have the right to know whom you’re wearing; and instead of getting in an argument with the bridal staff, research about the store’s policies beforehand.

5. Available Sizes

Many studios only carry up to bridal size eight, which is actually a size four in standard women’s sizes. So if you’re bigger than this size, you’ll not find anything that’ll fit you. Although it’s not necessary to zip up every single dress to figure out whether you like it or not, you should be able to try on a variety of styles close to your size.


6. Price Range and Inventory

Among the first questions you should ask a bridal studio is the price range of their gowns. The average price should fit into your budget. However, the inventory should also be extensive enough to provide you plenty of options in sizing and styles. Also ask whether alterations are included in the pricing, bridal accessories are available at their shop, and the store hours.

7. Business Status

While some brides found excellent deals from salons going out of business, others have horrible experiences with these establishments—taking the dress of their dreams or a portion or all of their money. Because of this, it’s important to be cautious of shops that are about to close their business. The best you can do when transacting with any boutique is to pay via credit card instead of cash, so you can file a dispute claim if things go awry.

8. The Shop Itself

Another factor to consider when choosing a bridal studio is the place itself. A good studio should be clean, organized, have good lighting, and have plenty of mirrors so you can see yourself in every angle. The shop should also have ample space for you to walk and move around to test the fit of the dress. After all, you will be dancing, sitting, hugging, standing, and many more on your wedding day.

9. The Type of Boutique

If you’ve been researching enough, you should be aware by now that there are two types of bridal shops in your local area: the designer boutiques and the one-stop bridal studios. The latter is popular because brides can find almost everything they need for a wedding. From the bridal gown to photographer, these studios make it easier and more convenient for brides who want to deal with fewer vendors. On the other hand, designer boutiques focus more on creating unique gowns. If you want a dress that’s created for you alone, then a designer boutique is more suited for you.

10. Work Samples

If the bridal studio offers other services, like hair and make-up and photography, don’t hesitate to ask for work samples. Don’t make a decision based only on the salesperson’s words. Make it a point to view samples and portfolios. If the studio has more than one make-up artist or photographer, ask to each of the staff’s works. Lastly, don’t forget to ask for discount or any incentive if you book multiple services from the same studio.

Bridal dress shopping, like the rest of the wedding planning process, doesn’t have to be stressful. Working with the right bridal boutique can make it easier for you to look and feel perfect on the biggest day of your life.


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