3 Cost Effective Wedding Reception Ideas

When you think about the reception, three things will come to mind: the decor, set-up, and of course, the wedding hotel banquet. If you are fortunate not to think about how much you can spend, you can have many things but if you need to scrimp on your wedding budget, you should look for ways to maximize your money. It is not like you cannot afford an elaborate one, you are just preparing for the future family.


There is nothing wrong with that. Whatever you prefer, you should enjoy your wedding because you only get one chance (at least here in Singapore) to make it right. So, what should transpire in your cost-effective wedding reception? Reception is the part of the wedding that welcomes the couple in the marriage life. It is usually celebrated in a suitable venue with foods and drinks. If you are thinking about wedding hotel banquet, naturally it is in a hotel.

You can look for a three star hotel for a start. You do not need five star hotels when you consider wedding hotel banquet because sometimes, three star hotels offer competitive services. Here in Singapore, you can find many three star hotels with the best banquet. You will surely get your money’s worth. Here are three tips on how you can save money on your wedding hotel banquet:

1. Buffet Stations

Buffet stations are cheaper than plated ones but if you want plated ones, you can still pursue it. The drawback of buffet stations at your wedding banquet singapore  is a traffic jam. But you can do something about this. You can set up different stations to disperse traffic. For example, you can set up the salads or appetizers section in a corner and set the main course or meats on the other side.


Do not forget about your dessert tables, as well as your drinks. If you want an organized way, you should consider plated serving. In this setup, the waiters will serve the plates with the food in it individually to your guests. For three course meals, the appetizers, main course and dessert will come in order. Though this is a bit expensive, your visitors will surely be pampered.

2. Family Style

A “family style” reception is when each wedding hotel banquet guests get a portion then pass it around. The tables are provided with food, from the appetizers to the desserts, and it is up to the group what they want to eat first. Foods are passed around like when you eat with the family. This is acceptable. Just think of everyone in the reception as one big extended family, which it is.


3. Minimize Guests

You should narrow down your list. You should invite few people to save money. These people can be your close friends and relatives. If you invite many, it will mean additional costs. If you state your reasons honestly and reasonably, people will understand.

You do not need to sacrifice style just because you are saving money on your wedding. You can still have a wedding and feed people even if you are thinking about saving. Do not be negative about it. Do not cancel your wedding because you think it is a waste of time, effort and resources. Weddings should happen and people should witness it. No matter how simple it is, just be happy about it and be proud of it.

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