5 Crucial Things to Know Before Renovating an HDB Flat

Moving into your very own HDB flat feels like a step towards being a full-fledged adult, but to make the place truly your own, you want to make renovations, and this is where the challenge comes in. While renovations are a great thing to do, they can break your bank if you’re not careful about the kinds of changes you want to make, especially when it comes to adding new furniture pieces and appliances.

To save costs, here’s what you need to know if you do decide to make some major changes you your humble abode:

1. Reduce any built-in carpentry and tile work

Sure, having the right flooring and the right fixtures will look gorgeous, but when you look at the cost break down, you’ll find that these are the two most expensive items. Rather than tiling your floors, consider other options like laminate or vinyl, which are both sturdier, easier to install, and just as easy to maintain.

2. Install a ceiling fan

You can make the case that air conditioning is a must-have in every Singaporean home since it’s always warm, it’s also responsible for skyrocketing your utility bill. Another way of lowering your utility bill is by making sure your unit is situated in the right area to begin with. For instance, if your HDB flat is situated in the higher floors, all you need to do to keep cool is throw open the windows.

3. White is the best paint option

Painting your interior white is far from being a lazy choice. In fact, it may be the best one you can make because of different reasons. One, it’s cool. Two, it reflects light and makes dim spaces a lot brighter – and if you’re a little more daring with your choices, white goes well with pretty much any accent color or texture. And three, when has white ever gone out of style? It was a great choice back then, and will still be a great color option for years to come.

4. Re-use the old items from your parents’ home

Not everything needs to be new! Instead of getting new appliances and furniture, you have the choice of buying these things resale or re-using the ones in your parents’ home. Not only do you reduce your carbon footprint, but you also get these things for cheaper than you would if they were brand-new. Just be sure to ask permission first!

5. House plants: have lots

There’s so much value in multipurpose things, and house plants are no exception: they purify and cool down the air in your otherwise humid HDB flat, and they add so much coziness to the atmosphere. They also teach you a lesson about being responsible: while not everything needs to be watered every day, different plants have their own different requirements you need to pay attention to if you want them to be healthy.

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