5 Essential Tentage Rental Tips

There are so many tentage rental companies in Singapore today, which offers a number of tent types to their clients. A tent, in the right size and decorations, can create a stunning setting for an event. Most of tent rental companies offer the most basic types of tent. The frame type, which is the most versatile as it can be installed without stakes and comes in many different sizes; the canopy type, which is known for its lightness and comes in several construction styles; and the pole type, which is supported by a center pole and a set of perimeter poles to create an elegant slope when viewed from outside. To know which tent is best for your event, here are some tips to bear in mind.


1. Do your homework before calling a tent supplier

When calling a tent rental company, they will immediately ask you about the type of event, the activities to take place, the seating arrangement, the area of space where the tent will be installed, the slope of the site, and the accessories you wish to add such as an aircon or heating system. Luckily, they offer little to no charge site inspection as part of their services.

2. Avoid making assumptions without consulting a professional

Most Singapore tent suppliers like nanyanginc.com from Singapore who have been in the business for decades, can tell you right away what size and type of tent is best for your event. Others use a computer-aid design system to draw out the event in details and give their client a clear picture of what to expect before starting the installation process. Also, don’t forget to make room for head tables and chairs, gift tables, cake tables, performance areas, walkways, and anything else that occupies space under the tent.

3. Make sure the installation is completed a few days before the event

First of all, starting early avoids cramming and allows the professionals to add additional touchups without the hurry. Secondly, weekends are the busiest days of the week for most suppliers. It’s even recommended to order you chairs and tables from other supplier so your tentage rental company can concentrate more on constructing your tents. Early installation may also be required to keep the ground dry in case it rains.


4. Consider the idea of tent flooring

Though there are many event hosts that skip the idea of flooring, you may want to consider this particularly if your event is held during wet season. Flooring also reduces the slope of the site, cover uneven ground, sand, gravel and grass. If it’s a lawn, minimize damage caused by heavy traffic of guests by using a good flooring material.

5. Check the area for obstacles that could possibly make installation difficult

If there are any obstacles on site or in the way to the installation site, mention this to your supplier in advance. Also, take into consideration the distance between the drop off site and the installation site. Some will charge you an additional fee if they have to haul the tents to the location. Installation personnel prefer to unload and install the tents straight from their truck if possible.


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