5 Tricks to Avoid Haircut Remorse

With the hot weather coming around, you might already be considering chopping off your hair into a chic lob, bob, or into a more daring and voluminous pixie cut like the ones sported by celebrities Julianne Hough, Scarlett Johansson, and Ruby Rose. However, wanting to cut your hair and doing it are two different stories. You may like the idea of sporting a new look, but may find it difficult to do. To make it easier, here are some tricks you can do to change up your mane without regrets.


  1. Consider Its Impact on Your Lifestyle. One of the important things that you should consider is whether or not your cut will realistically work with your current lifestyle. Do you have enough time to spend to achieve the look you want on a daily basis? Are you willing to shell out some more for new styling tools? How about the styling products? These are the key questions to ask yourself before sitting on a hairdresser’s chair.
  1. Try Gateway Haircuts. Another great and easy way to ease into a shorter cut is to have it done in stages. Try getting gateway cuts or styles to act as shorter stepping stones for achieving your ultimate hair goal.


  1. Look Through Pinterest, Magazines, and Street Style Blogs. Keeping inspiration photos is one of the best things you can do to properly communicate your hair goal to your stylist, but remember to be realistic with it. If you’re a fan of curly bobs, but you have pin-straight hair, then achieving this look on a daily might require too much effort. To save you from the hassle, look for haircuts that work best with the hair texture you have. Also, consider professional advices from your hairstylist since he/she knows more about hairstyling than you.
  1. Stock Up on the Right Products and Tools. Once you’ve finally decided to cut your hair, make an effort to stock up on the right products to maintain the look. If you’re after the beachy waves, add texturizing spray and volume mousse on your hairstyling arsenal. But if you have completely chopped off your hair, pastes and waxes will surely be your best friend.

Getting a new haircut is definitely one of the best ways to change up your look. Ensure you feel satisfied and look good with your new look by keeping the abovementioned tricks in mind.


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