How to Read the Care Instructions on Your Clothes

When taking your clothes to any of the commercial laundry services in Singapore, you might notice that the personnel checks the labels on the clothes first. These are usually found on the wrong side of the clothes. Laundry service can do everything for you easily, but you should also know which clothes you can wash

5 Natural Treatments for Skin Tags

Skin tags are flesh-coloured, small outgrowths on the skin. They tend to look like warts and are often mistaken as one. Although they’re not painful, skin tags can be quite unsightly, causing them to become a source of insecurity for most women. Removal of this skin outgrowths are typically done at a doctor’s office, but

Different Types of Drawing Pens

When you start your art classes, the first thing you learn is how to draw subjects using pencils. There is another type of drawing however that you might want to try next—pen and ink. Like pencils, drawing pens also have a lot of types which produce different thicknesses of lines, colors and control. Below is