How to Deal With Caffeine Withdrawal

Coffee can have a positive influence on health, but it also has its downsides when you drink it too much. For most healthy adults, it’s safe to consume up to 400 milligrams of caffeine. However, it’s not recommended for those who easily suffer from panic attacks, anxiety, or for those who are prone to developing

The Benefits and Risks of Turmeric

Turmeric chicken, spicy Singapore noodles, Beef Rendang, turmeric honey drinks, and the famous Golden Milk. Turmeric can be found in a lot of dishes, delicacies, and overall cuisine in Singapore. With its wide use in cooking, how beneficial can turmeric be to our health? In addition, how unsafe can the intake of excessive amounts be?

Ways to Protect Your Ears

There was a study published in the Singapore Medical Journal on the year 2014 that found that at least 1 in 6 youths are at risk of noise-induced hearing loss. It has been revealed that it was caused by listening to music in high volumes while wearing earphones. Because of that, we should be more