Beauty Products You Can Share With Your Boyfriend

Want to know the best way to save bathroom space other than showering together? Curate a vanity table that’s for his and hers – and to help you accomplish that, we listed down some of the unisex beauty products that you can actually share with your favourite guy.

1. Facial Scrub

All types of skin need occasional exfoliation, which is why this beauty product would be a great find for both you and your beau. Even if he’s not experiencing any acne breakouts, his skin might still be suffering from lack of moisture and roughness. So convince him to give your multipurpose facial scrub a shot, and see if he’ll like how his skin feels and looks after a month.

2. Shampoo and Conditioner

Men are also prone to frizz and dandruff, so don’t hesitate in letting your guy use your problem-targeted conditioners and shampoos. Unlike men’s haircare products, shampoos and conditioners made for ladies tend to have more benefits: adds volume and makes strands shinier. There are even some variants that target hair issues like breakage, dullness and thinning. So share these products with your guy and let him enjoy the same benefits as well.

3. Sunscreen

Convince your man to slather some SPF by telling him that excessive sun exposure greatly contributes to premature skin aging. Since most guys hate the greasy feeling left by sunscreen products, opt for a water-based brand like Bioré UV Aqua Rich Water Essence instead.

4. Facial Mask

Men also need good moisturizers, but most of them still refuse to give in. So get them started by using facial masks instead. Have him wash his face first, then apply the sheet mask. Give him an arm and neck massage while the mask does its job. Once you’re done, remove the mask and see if he likes the improved texture of his skin.

5. Eye Cream

Most guys only start getting conscious with their appearance when they start noticing the signs of aging – eye wrinkles, saggy skin and receding hairlines. When he starts complaining about his under-eye wrinkles and eye bags, then it’s time that you get him into the habit of applying eye cream at night.

Sharing beauty products with your significant other is certainly one of the best ways to declutter your vanity table and cabinet. So be sure to share the aforementioned products with your guy, and see how you’ll both reap benefits of these beauty products.

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