Buying Home Energy-Efficient Appliances

HDB (Housing Development Board) initiated the very first public exhibition featuring home energy-efficient appliances on November 30, 2013. The event sought to promote energy-efficient appliances. The exhibition was a move so that Singaporeans can finally embrace a healthy and sustainable lifestyle. There are many appliances featured like air conditioners, microwave, refrigerators, ovens and other fixtures.


If you consider energy-efficient appliances, you are helping your environment plus you are decreasing your utility bills. The secret is to pick the right appliance. Here’s a guide when buying your home energy-efficient appliance/s:

Size and Style

If you have a small space, it is inconvenient if you purchase a bigger appliance. It is best to measure the space first and then look for an appliance that will fit that space. You also need to check the door or lid; it should be opened.



The price matters a lot. Many energy-efficient appliances are expensive but there are affordable ones. You have to go through a lot of brands and model to pick the right one. In most cases, the more expensive the appliance is, the more efficient it is.

Other Offers

If you are a smart shopper, you will surely look for other offers before settling on something. If you need to scour the market, you will do it. You need to consider factors like low interests, rebates and other programs.

Energy Label

You have to check the energy label. This is not hard to find because it is posted right in front of the appliance. Reading energy label will give you ideas so you can compare efficiency of brands and their models.

The simplest way is to look for the Energy Star logo. The logo symbolizes efficient products or appliances. If you have questions, you should ask the customer representative.


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