Caring for Baby’s Clothes

Baby’s skin is more sensitive than those of an adult’s and can easily get irritated if he/she comes into contact with dirt and chemicals. Caring for baby’s clothes require special attention because it rubs on his/her skin for most of the day.

Here are tips to make baby’s clothes safe from irritants and allergens.

Spot-Cleaning and Frequent Changes
If you find dirt or food on baby’s clothes, you should spot-clean it right away, so that it will be easier to remove when washing. You might also want to change them into fresh, clean clothes as soon as possible. When going out with baby, you should always bring a change of clothes in case he/she gets dirty.

Remove Loose Pieces
Friction can also irritate baby’s skin, that is why you should buy soft, quality baby clothing that will not loosen or fray easily. Watch out for loose buttons, ribbons, sequins, and other embellishments that can irritate baby’s skin. Avoid purchasing clothes with so many embellishments and decorations to make washing and maintenance easier, too.

Separate Laundry Basket
Your baby should have his/her own separate laundry basket to avoid mixing with other laundry. The dirt and grime from the other soiled clothes can stain baby’s clothes and you could easily loose small pieces, such as socks, mittens, and bibs in the basket. Always read the care instruction labels on the clothes before washing them, then turn the clothes inside out to prevent loosening or abrading the surface. Secure the buttons, zippers, and other closures or use a laundry bag if necessary.

Use Mild Detergent
Baby’s clothes should be washed with baby-safe detergent free from scents and dyes to avoid irritating baby’s skin. Whether your baby is using hand-me-down clothes or brand-new clothes, you should wash them first before putting them on your baby to remove the dirt and finishing chemicals left on the fabrics. Stick to one brand of detergent as much as possible to give baby’s skin the time to develop its own protection. Most experts recommend that hand-washing is the best method to remove the stains, but you can also use the cold wash and rinse setting in the washer.

No Need to Iron Clothes
You do not need to press baby’s clothes, because they do not need crisp, pressed clothing yet. If you’re worried about the wrinkles, however, you can use a fabric softener made for baby’s sensitive skin, then fold the clothing when they’re dry.

Look Out for Signs of Irritation
If you spot signs of allergies or skin irritation, try removing baby’s clothes to see if the condition improves. Consult your pediatrician to determine if the baby has a skin condition or allergy. Most of the time, however, skin allergies and irritation are not caused by baby’s clothing.

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