Be Bikini-Ready!

6 Easy Ways to Lighten Your Bikini Area A dark bikini area is often caused by a lot of things, including shaving, excessive perspiration, using the wrong detergent, and fabric friction due to wearing tight underwear. Fortunately, it can be reversed using any of the following tricks. So try these tips and discover which works

Every Girl’s Guide to Foundation Finishes

  Just like with every beauty product, foundation also has its own set of jargons. However, the level of coverage you want from a foundation could be quite difficult to explain to the saleslady when you’re shopping for the right beauty product. For that reason, we listed down all the types of foundation finishes you

Nailing the No-Makeup Look

8 Must-Have Products to Pull Off the No-Makeup Makeup Look   While it may not look like it, a no-makeup makeup look is actually one of the most challenging beauty looks to pull off. But the trick to perfecting this look lies on the skin. Here, we listed down the essentials to this sought-after makeup