Knock-Off Make-Ups: Why You Should be Afraid of Counterfeit Products


When you find cheap deals of high-end cosmetic brands like NARS and MAC that seem too good to be true—they almost surely are counterfeit products. You may ask: So what? Buying knock-off shoes, bags and clothes are all pretty common anyway, right? What’s the difference?

Well, remember that those knock-offs are going on your face, and what goes on your face and skin goes into your body. If ever you’re thinking of skimping on make-up, you might want to check the list below before rushing to an unauthorized retailer.

  1. Allergic Reactions

You don’t know what ingredients were mixed to produce these counterfeit products. Some fake cosmetics are laced with arsenic, cyanide and mercury, which often cause allergic reactions like skin rashes. Although most cases can be immediately treated, the negative effect may linger for a longer time.

  1. Infections

We’re not talking about fake designer bags that you just carry around, but products that once applied on the face, the skin will absorb. Bacteria from fake eyeshadow products, for instance, can cause severe infection to the eye (a.k.a. the most sensitive area of your face), making your eye area swell, or worse distort your vision.

  1. Lead Poisoning

Some fake cosmetics contain 20 times more than the legal dosage of lead in cosmetic products. Accumulated lead absorbed in the body from the skin can cause poisoning, which can result to severe physical and mental impairment or, in extreme cases, death.

  1. Rat Wastes

These unauthorized cosmetic laboratories did not undergo legal inspection, so you can’t expect a clean and sanitary environment in the making of knock-off products. Many tests made with fake cosmetics have revealed that rat feces were one of the components. Whether it was added intentionally or not, one thing is certain: we do not want it anywhere near our skin nor get absorbed into our body.

  1. Paint Stripper

Sold in most hardware stores, paint strippers must be handled with caution as some of the hazards associated with it are skin diseases, and even damages to the nervous system, internal organs and the brain when these chemicals are inhaled in excessive amount. Unfortunately, paint strippers are commonly used in counterfeit liquid liners and mascaras. While these cosmetic products are meant to be used sparingly, continuous use can possibly cause health problems later on.

It’s tricky to detect a counterfeit make-up product. If you’re unsure, do extensive research about the seller and the products before buying. However, your best bet is to purchase your beauty favourites from reputable retail outlets, such as Sephora and other local drugstores.

Every Girl’s Guide to Foundation Finishes


Just like with every beauty product, foundation also has its own set of jargons. However, the level of coverage you want from a foundation could be quite difficult to explain to the saleslady when you’re shopping for the right beauty product. For that reason, we listed down all the types of foundation finishes you should know about. So read on and prepare to get schooled.

  1. Matte

Want to get rid of the extra shine on your face? Then this type of foundation finish is for you. A foundation with a matte finish makes any shine of the skin disappear, while drying down to a solid opaque finish. This type of finish also controls oil better than the other foundation finishes, making it a better option for girls with oily skin.

  1. Dewy

A foundation that has a dewy finish is capable of replicating the look of a well-moisturized skin. This type of finish is a good choice for ladies with dry or dehydrated complexion, as it provides the skin with a shine that almost looks wet. Most Korean stars prefer this type of foundation, since a dewy and glossy skin can make almost anyone look more awake and youthful.

  1. Satin

With a finish that’s not too dewy nor too matte, a satin finish foundation aims to imitate the skin’s natural glow, making it a perfect option for an everyday wear. Just ensure that you choose the right product though, since some satin foundations lean toward the dewier side – an ideal option for women with normal skin type that doesn’t get too oily.

  1. Semi-Matte

If satin finish foundations lean more on the dewy side, the semi-matte is its opposite. This type of foundation aims to recreate a skin that appears smooth and velvety. Girls with combination skin types suit this type of foundation well, since it offers better oil control without accentuating any skin dryness.

  1. Sheer

Sheer finishes should be your go-to foundation for your good skin days. It’ll give your skin some added boost without looking too obvious, and on some days, it can make you feel like applying your highlighter is no longer necessary.

Knowing the different types of foundation finishes is the key to finding the right product for your skin type. So be sure to keep these details in mind, so you’ll know exactly what to look for on your next trip down the makeup lane.

Nailing the No-Makeup Look

8 Must-Have Products to Pull Off the No-Makeup Makeup Look


While it may not look like it, a no-makeup makeup look is actually one of the most challenging beauty looks to pull off. But the trick to perfecting this look lies on the skin. Here, we listed down the essentials to this sought-after makeup look, along with a few tips and tricks on how you can achieve it.

  1. Primer

The first step to nailing this beauty look is to refine your skin’s texture by applying a primer that suits your skin type. For ladies with dry skin, a hydrating primer is the best option to smooth over those dry patches; while a mattifying primer that fills in the pores and combats oil is an excellent choice for women with oily skin.

  1. Foundation

Ensure that your foundation stays as natural-looking as possible by choosing a product with a light to medium coverage and has a satin finish. Don’t worry about the redness and blemishes peeking through though, since you’ll also be covering it up with your concealer.

  1. Concealer

A concealer that fades into the skin after blending is a must in any no-makeup look. Although its coverage is the utmost priority, factoring in a concealer’s finish and texture is also crucial to achieve a more natural beauty look. All you’ve got to do is dot it over your problem areas, then blend it either with your finger or with a damp sponge.

  1. Blending Sponge

The best way to prevent your makeup look from looking cakey is to use a damp sponge when applying your foundation. A good blending sponge absorbs the excess product and helps achieve a beauty look that stays close to your skin’s natural texture.

  1. Setting Powder

Applying too much powder is a huge no-no for a no-makeup beauty look. Professional makeup artists even recommend using setting powders without much coverage, since you’ll only be using it to keep any shine on your face at bay.

  1. Highlighter

This beauty look won’t be complete without that natural glow, and for this, highlighters that don’t have any obvious shimmer is the best choice. Just make sure that you apply it with a light hand to maintain a fresh- and natural-looking complexion.

  1. Mascara

A no-makeup makeup look calls for a mascara that separates and lengthens the eyelashes, so say no to clumpy mascara formulas that won’t hold your curl.

  1. Cheek and Lip Tint

Since you’re aiming to pull-off a natural-looking beauty look, it’s best to veer away from liquid lipsticks and powder blushes as it’ll make your skin appear powdery and your lips unnaturally matte. Instead, opt for lipsticks, cheek tints and lip tints that’ll add colour to your face in a more natural way.

Pulling off a no-makeup makeup look isn’t really that difficult. All you’ve got to do is figure out what products would help you achieve that natural glowing look, and you’re good to go.

5 Beauty Tricks You Should Practise in Your 40s


People often say that life begins at 40, and while it may be true, your skin might not feel as young as you think you are. With this realization, it’s time you switch into beauty products and practice a few tricks that could cater to your skin’s needs at this stage in your life. Here are some changes you need to make from your 30s beauty regimen.

  1. Moisturize Your Skin Regularly

Since your skin is more prone to dryness and dullness in your 40s, it’s crucial that you keep it well-hydrated and nourished. Simply adding a hydrating serum in between your moisturizer and toner application allows your skin to quickly absorb and lock in moisture, thus keeping signs of skin dryness from showing up.

  1. Practise Gentle Exfoliation

We’ve long been instructed to lay off exfoliators so as to avoid scraping the natural oils off our face. But now that your body’s collagen production is starting to slow down, more dead skin cells will likely stay on your face. To keep these skin cells from piling up and clogging your pores, ensure that you exfoliate your skin regularly, but do it as gently as possible.

  1. Lather a Good Amount of SPF

Perhaps this is the only beauty trick that should be constantly included in your skincare regimen. However, you should no longer settle with just getting UVA or UVB protection at this point in your life. Aside from having a broad spectrum protection, you should also ensure that the sunscreen you’re using is loaded with antioxidants that help prevent the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

  1. Use Collagen-Infused Beauty Products

Collagen production slows down as you reach the age of 40, so consider switching your beauty products into those that are infused with collagen, be it your moisturizer, serum or eye cream. At this point in your life, you should start thinking of collagen as your best friend.

  1. Make Great Use of Facial Masks

Allow your skin to regenerate overnight after a long day of work and exposure to dirt. Do this by topping off your night-time skincare routine with facial masks loaded with moisture-retaining ingredients, such as hyaluronic acid, glycerine, healing ceramides and antioxidants.

Switching up your skincare regimen is crucial as you age. Doing this allows you to perform beauty tricks that better cater to your skin’s changing needs. So be sure to put these tips to work so you’ll enjoy that youthful-looking complexion even at the age of 40.