The Benefits and Risks of Turmeric

Turmeric chicken, spicy Singapore noodles, Beef Rendang, turmeric honey drinks, and the famous Golden Milk. Turmeric can be found in a lot of dishes, delicacies, and overall cuisine in Singapore. With its wide use in cooking, how beneficial can turmeric be to our health? In addition, how unsafe can the intake of excessive amounts be?

Food Holidays worth Celebrating

Here in Singapore, we celebrate everything. This is just to show appreciation to the world. We celebrate Chinese New Year, Valentines, Easter, Independence, Mid-autumn, Halloween, Christmas and many more. We also celebrate birthdays, promotions and weddings. Indeed there are a lot of things worth celebrating every day. Singaporeans are excited to celebrate during holidays especially

The Singaporean Wanton Mee

Since there are a lot of restaurants, food stalls and food houses in Singapore, it is evident that there are also plenty of dishes served here. This includes main meals, desserts and more. In fact, one of the most favorite dishes in the country is the Wanton Mee. It is served whether dry or in

Satay – A Must-try Singaporean Dish

Like many dishes in Singapore, Satay is also one of the foods in the country must be tried by every tourists. It is a dish that is made from grilled meat of pork, fish, beef and many more. Satay is not only a famous food in Singapore but also in the entire Southeast Asia. Indonesia

Otak-Otak: The Brain Food

In many regions in Southeast Asia, otak-otak is a word that means brain. However, the food otak-otak is not made up of brains. Typically, this is a dish that has the delectable combinationo of fish meat and different seasonings. Otak-otak is also one of the famous dishes in the entire Southeast Asia. Why is it

Rojak – Traditional Singapore dish

Rojak is one cuisine that is usually found at the beautiful cities and towns of Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia. This food is a combination of vegetables and fruits. The term “Rojak” is a Malay word that means mixture. In Singapore, there are two different servings of Rojak. These are served in Chinese and Malay style.