What to Keep In Mind before Choosing Surrogacy

Life-changing decisions should be carefully thought of not just once, twice or thrice. With a decision that will permanently leave a mark in one’s life, it is best that all things should be considered. Take for example the process of surrogacy. This method is becoming an alternative for parents who can’t have their own child in the natural way. If you are about to make this decision of undergoing this process, then the following key points may help you to think more:


You need to secure your parental rights.

Even though surrogacy is a complicated process for others, all concerns should be properly address before undergoing the said procedure. Any loopholes in the agreement, whether done verbally or in written, may lead to connivance or deceit. One of the first things you have to be certain of is securing your parental rights. You and your partner may not have the capacity to have the child in the natural way but it is still both your genes that is running in him. You should not be deprived of the right to claim your child after the surrogate mother gave birth. All the details must be made clear in the agreement before you push through with this process.


Think of all the cost you may incur.

You might be surprised of the cost for the surrogacy of you are not financially ready. This can be expensive for others nevertheless there are several agencies who are willing to make the payments easier and more convenient for the couple. From the process of transferring the embryo to the surrogate mother to her nine months of bearing the child and up until the birth giving, several costs will be incurred. You must be prepared especially this is something you can’t place on hold while you are in the middle of the process just because you do not have the required amount on hand. Although it may really take a large sum of money from your budget, rest assured that your sacrifices will be rewarded in the end. Taking care of the child in your arms is the most precious moment that no amount of any money can ever pay for.

You are emotionally ready.

It may be heart-breaking to know that there is a problem for both of you as it affects your capability to bear your own child. It can become threatening too thinking that the surrogate mother may take away your child anytime that she starts to think of claiming him as her own. You may even be caught in the dilemma whether to choose surrogacy over adoption or surrogacy over artificial insemination. The reoccurring thought too that the surrogate mother might not handle it well and may lead to miscarriage is haunting. You will undergo all of these anxieties especially that it is your child which is the center of the concern here. It is normal however you must tell yourself that you should be emotionally ready for all these thoughts.



How to Continue Looking Beautiful Now That You’re a Mom


There is nothing more evident than the changes that come along with being a mom. Physical and emotional transformations are inevitable once you become a mom. Being mindless of your own needs and wants is the prerequisite so you can fully focus on the family’s needs. No more idle time for reading novels. No more lounging around for the TV series. No more long hours in the shower. Years back you wouldn’t be caught dead with an unkempt hair. Now, you cannot even remember the last time you used a comb. But lo and behold, being beautiful while doing mommy duties is actually easy when you keep these in mind:

mother breast feeding her child

  1. Practice time management. This has been the secret key to almost everything – from corporate to household successes. This is easier said than done though. Planning activities ahead and writing it down with details are equally important in time management. And who else knows all the activities of the household but you? The mom makes the best planner. If you must, try different schedules to see what works best for you. Do trial and error. Following the most efficient schedule will leave little to no room for stress – and you being stress-free reflects both inward and outward!


  1. Be mindful of what you eat. No this is not about strict calorie counting. This has something to do with your everyday goal to make your child eat. Sometimes, even after preparing the most enticing meal for your child, there will still be leftovers. And because you do not want food to go to waste, the next logical thing you do is eat the remaining food in your child’s plate.

Family Preparing meal,mealtime Together

You consume leftover foods without actually minding it. Minute later, you totally forget about what you just ate as you have your regular meal. However when you keep on doing this, you also keep on increasing your calorie intake. Be conscious of what you eat if your idea of being beautiful is going back to shape. Eat healthy and be mindful of the foods that you put to your mouth and down your stomach eventually!


  1.  Moisturize.  Body lotion, face powder, lip creams are a must. Before starting your busy day of being a mom, put on these essentials. Including these in your routine will keep your skin glowing and moisturized. As you catch a glimpse of yourself in the mirror, you will be pleased with your blooming appearance. Your smooth, flawless skin and the tinted cheeks and lips will give you more inspiration as you beautifully face the tasks ahead!


  1. Feel good. Beauty starts from within. Living everyday with happiness and contentment will give you a positive outlook of things. When the mind conceives good things, it will be evident in your outward appearance. Be more thankful and complain less. Feeling good is the most important thing to remember when you want to look good. Finding fulfilment in what you do requires the least effort in making yourself look beautiful.


Being a mom must make you more confident as a person. After all, being a mom alone makes you more beautiful than you already are!


How to Remain Sane: Tips for New Moms


You can hardly believe that a human being popped out of you. The inexplicable pain and joy of emotions from giving birth can leave a new mom overwhelmed for a while. There will be no idle time to ponder on these new feelings, though – because the moment your baby starts his Day 1 is also the moment you say goodbye to yourself as he will need all your time, energy and attention. Sometimes, no matter how prepared and excited a new mom is in beginning her motherhood journey, the hay-wired hormones kicks in. But fret not as this list of rules will come in handy to keep your sanity:

Happy mother with newborn baby

  1. Soak in love and affection. You, as a mom, are not alone in gushing over your baby. You will find that the attention of the people in your home and even those in your social media are all over your tiny bundle of joy. Alongside these are the advices on sleepless nights and breastfeeding and diaper changes. Do not mistake this as their way of pressuring you. Advices from family members and friends, though unsolicited, are well-meaning. This istheir way of showing they care for you. Appreciate the love that surrounds you. The right perspective will make yourdays full of positivity.


  1. Celebrate the smallest things. When you open your eyes to this joyful motherhood experience, you will notice the tiniest things worth celebrating for. Find joy when the baby makes face or raises his feet – these are just few of the many things you will find deeply entertaining! One more thing to be thankful for are favorable little circumstances. Perfect timings, no matter how trivial, are something to be grateful for. A good 10-minute extra eye-shut or a 5-minute quick shower is golden than none at all!


  1.  Ask. It is perfectly okay to ask. New moms often second-guess themselves. Do not be afraid to ask your spouse, your parents, your in-laws and your other mom friends for help and information on anything. They know what you are going through and they are more than willing to help. Join online communities. These online communities likewise serve as support groups in more ways than you can imagine!


  1.  Eat. Don’t forget to eat your meals. Coping with the demands of a newborn is difficult with an empty stomach. Always stock on foods that are easy to prepare. Eat snacks in between. When you are properly nourished, you will be able to give full attention and care for your baby. You will have the energy or hours of breastfeeding or nights of dancing him to sleep. Eat foods that are energy-boosters. A healthy mom equates to a healthy baby.


When there’s a newborn in the home, there will always be unfinished chores. Do not be hard on yourself for these unaccomplished tasks. Do not lose sleep thinking about the seemingly endless list of things-to-do that keeps on piling up. After all, you have been doing a good job in your most important task – that is taking care of your bundle of joy.  At the end of the day, remember that the act of selfless love is more than enough to keep a new mom sane!