Would You Consider Leaving Singapore?


Many people are contemplating of leaving Singapore not just for travel but to seek for more profitable jobs as well. Many people consider Singapore because of its favourable working condition. You see many foreign workers here and that will show that there are lots of opportunities – it is yours for the taking.

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However, there is a recent survey that begs to disagree. While there are many migrant workers here, most of Singaporeans are considering working overseas. A poll was conducted by Hays, a recruiting firm. It found out that 85% of job-seekers said that they are willing to relocate for better job opportunities or career development while 12% will leave for lifestyle and the remaining 3% would never consider leaving.

Hays polled 2,553 respondents looking for jobs from here to Malaysia, Japan, China and Hong Kong. A whopping 97% of these jobseekers said they will leave the city to work abroad. You cannot blame the population for thinking of looking for greener pastures considering that the economy is taxing and life is getting more difficult. Prices are high, housing is expensive and education is costly.

However, in the case of Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs), deploying local stags to relocate overseas seems uphill. SMEs have problems with deploying workers overseas. Take the 2014 Development SME Survey. It revealed that 23% of SMEs admitted shortage of manpower to drive sales overseas. 23% was a big jump from 7% in 2013.


This goes to show that less and less people are thinking of moving for SMEs. According to the survey, the problem is with the mindset of people. People would relocate willingly if it is jobs from multinational corporations but when it comes to SMEs, they are adamant. Another factor why they are adamant is the length of stay. If it is for few days or months, it is acceptable since you can just think that it is for exposure.

However if it last for more than a year, you will become doubtful whether you still have a job when you get back. With this, SMEs should be clear from the beginning especially with the policies about overseas pay packages. This is to entice more locals to consider deployment overseas for the SMEs.

Hays concluded that the city has the most mobile workforce in Asia followed by China and Hong Kong. Local talents consider overseas in the hopes of gaining high value international experience. Job-seekers realized that employers give importance to local talents with international experience.

Female Backpacker Leaving the Airport to Catch Her Flight at Changi International Airport, Singapore

How Singapore captures the limelight?  


The world is evolving and developing each day which leads to the countries competing for the standards. Wherever they belong, a third world, industrialised or a developing country, they have only one priority – that is to pride itself for being the best and the ideal nation. It is then the responsibility of every country to commit itself to producing competent citizens as well as a culture and practices where every country can look up to. One Asian country, Singapore, emerges from the typical nation to one of the most admired nowadays due to the fact that the said country has achieved so much stability both in economic and social aspects.


If we try to take a look into the causes which might have brought Singapore to the limelight is its culture which remains unfading up to these times. As it has been stated, economic and social stability have something to do with the national culture of a nation and that is where Singapore is best at showing and sustaining. In their culture, they have what they call as Kiasu. To acquaint you, Kiasu, referring to Singaporean context is pointed to maintaining the national tradition culture so as to achieve economic and social stability. Moreover, according to terminologies, Kiasu means afraid to lose and the mind set of always wanting to be first in line, thus, driving to excel always in competition, in negotiation. Kiasu is evident in the culture of Singapore. They just don’t simply settle for what is ordinary and regular because they aim for something greater, anything that can possibly surpass the average and the typical capacity of a nation. This, in fact, is a good and commendable attitude which every country must follow, if they desire too.


Some say that kiasu creates a selfish mentality because you only consider and think of and for yourself, no other more. If we take into account this side, it perhaps deliver that sort of attitude but sometimes you have to compromise a good thing to arrive at a common good. It is not sufficient all the times that you adhere to what is the standard for humanity’s sake because most of the times, to be genuinely compassionate, you have to keep one thing to be able to consider helping others too. Furthermore, what may be good to one may not necessarily good to you. Practices and traditions are relative; it is dependent on what works for you. And Singapore evidently shows economic, social and political stability by utilizing this kind of mentality; hence, the inclusion of this in their culture.

If Kiasu works for one country, then there can be a possibility that it can also be feasible to Singaporean-like economic and social structure countries.


What You Need to Know About PPS

The Housing Board developed a priority scheme that can help first-time married couples deal with their housing needs. It is called Parenthood Priority Scheme (PPS). It was instigated in January 2013. PPS included about families from BTO (Build To Order) and balance flats. By January 2014, 10000 couples are expected to benefit from PPS.


Having a family is not easy these days because of different conditions but the government is supporting the couples so they can have a comfortable life together with their children. Here are other things that you need to know about Parenthood Priority Scheme:


Parenthood Priority Scheme is an allocation provided for first-time married couples with a child 16 years below. This will also include couples who are having a baby. As mentioned above, PPS will help families with their housing needs. Apart from this, the couple should satisfy all eligibility stipulations provided by HDB (Housing Development Board).

Balloting Rules

Under the Parenthood Priority Scheme, HDB will assign 30% fixed reservation quota of BTO flats. For the balance flats, there will be a 50% fixed reservation quota. The houses are reserved for first-time married couples with a child below 16 years old including those that are expecting a child.

Proportion of Flats


The supply of the BTO flats (30%) and balance flats (50%) for first time married couples will not change. If the supply is greater than the demand, the flats will not be given to others. It will still be reserved for Parenthood Priority Scheme applicants in the future.


If the applicants for Parenthood Priority Scheme exceed the number allocated by BTO and balanced flats for a specific period of time, they should wait for the next batch. Rest assured that the applicants will have another chance in balloting.

The reason for this: You should know that there are different groups of first time applicants – fiancé-fiancée couples, married couples without children and married couples who have children. Parenthood Priority Scheme highlights married couples who have children because among these groups, they have the most housing and economic needs.

The government is encouraging the couples to build their family as soon as they are married. The couples should see this as an opportunity not a burden. There are married couples who delay having children here in Singapore for economic reasons. Couples would save money first for their future and when they feel that it is enough, they will have children. Your uneasiness about having a family especially with the unstable economy is understandable but you do not need to be afraid because the government will assist you.



Where to Buy Electronics in Singapore

In Singapore, there are countless electronic centres offering best prices and deals. If you want the best prices or deals, wait for the Great Singapore Sale every May to July. If you cannot wait for May to July, you can start looking for that perfect shop that can offer you great deals. Here’s a list of the top shops for electronics in Singapore:

Mustafa Centre

If you have something in mind and cannot wait for tomorrow, Mammoth Mustafa Centre is open all the time. You don’t need to worry about the closing time and it also offers best prices and products. It is located at Syed Alwi Road.

IT Shows

If you are aware of IT fairs, you should go there directly. If you are lucky, you can get the best deals on cameras, computers, mobile phones and other electronics. Watch out for IT shows or fairs.

Lucky Plaza

If you settled at Lucky Plaza, make sure you know how to bargain. If you are good at it, you will nail a good deal. It is located at 304 Orchard Road, Singapore.

Sim Lim Square

Sim Lim Square tops the best place to get your electronics. If you want you can start from the uppermost floors then go downward. The square is located at Rochor Canal Road. The square is full of retailers so it is better if you know how to bargain.

If you have time, please visit these areas. If you are not satisfied, there are many electronics store that you can still consider like Harvey Norman, Challenger, Paris Silk and Courts. If you really want to save big, look out for the Great Singapore Sale.

Bodies of Wine

The body of a wine refers to its weight or texture in the mouth. This range of texture is how the wines are classified: textures ranges from light and delicate to full and velvety. Basically, red wines are identified into three types: light, medium and heavy.

Light Bodied Wine

A light bodied wine feels very silky and smooth to the tongue. This type of wine is often compared to skim milk—not the taste, but its lightness. These wines tend to be less demanding partners with flavour-filled foods. Great match for light meat dishes, burgers, pasta, sausages, casseroles and pizza. Examples for this kind are the famous Beaujolais and Southern France’s Pinot Noir.

Medium Bodied Wine

Medium bodied wines contains more tannin than the light types, making it a blend of both light and heavy texture. Since it is known for its versatility, this type of red wine is a bit more expensive. Foods that best match medium bodied wines are spicy meat dishes, roast chicken, grilled meats, lamb, turkey or salmon. The best of this kind are the California Cabernet, Australian Shiraz and Merlots.

Full Bodied Wine

Full bodied wine brags its highest tannin level. This feels heavier and fuller to the tongue, and may contain high amounts of alcohol, too. This type of red wine goes well with richly flavoured dishes, game birds, spicy pastas, roasted turkey and venison. There are so many famous red wines, including the Cabernet Sauvignon, Zinfadel, Sangiovese, Barbaresco and Burgundy wines.

Health Tests for Men

Every person is different from the other, just like how men are different from women. Men have different health condition and body structure from women which means they also have different health needs. To know what health tests men should undergo, here’s a list of tests you can try checking with your doctor.

Cholesterol Level Tests

If you’re 35 years old with family history of heart diseases, high blood pressure and diabetes, see your doctor immediately and schedule a health test for cholesterol level. The tests don’t take much of your time and are relatively easy.

Skin Cancer

Unlike women, men have higher risks of having skin cancer since they’re not as conscious when it comes to their skin. Furthermore, studies show that male skin has lesser antioxidants than female skin. With this, men have to be more attentive to their skin’s condition especially when they reach the age of 40. Talk to your dermatologist and be sure to see them annually to monitor are any suspicious moles or blemishes on your skin.

Colon Cancer Test

Colon cancer is the most common type of cancer in men, but totally preventable. Ask your doctor about colon cancer tests and know how you can prevent it. Most doctors recommend that at the age of 50, men need to start regular colon cancer screening. The test should include a colonoscopy procedure. The procedure is not going to be easy but way better than having to undergo chemotherapies if the disease worsens.

Blood Pressure

Blood pressure has to be monitored regularly to avoid artery damages and development of heart diseases. Visit your doctor at least once a year or have your own sphygmomanometer at home to manually monitor your blood pressure.