Dos and Don’ts in a Hot Spring

A trip to the hot springs is not that different from a trip to the beach, right? Well, not exactly, because even when you’re on the beach, you still need to observe rules to avoid accidents, which is why a trip to the hot springs isn’t different. Dos Read or listen to instructions before you

How You Should Go About a Blind Date

Because of the rise of dating apps in Singapore, blind dating is not done much often anymore. But if you think about it, online dating technically still counts as blind dating. How many people understand blind dating is that a friend of yours sets you up with someone he/she knows. That means you might actually

How to Stop Feeling Nervous For Good

Whether it’s sending pitches via email, discussing your work with a retailer, or preparing for a presentation or a speech in front of people, there’s a good chance that you’ve felt nervous on more than one occasion. You’ve also most likely seen how easily people under a panic spell can mess up something that they

How to Deal With a Nonstop Chatterbox

Good communication involves listening and responding. Some people, however, want to direct the entire conversation themselves without stopping to listen to what others have to say. Having them around can be nice during parties and get-togethers, but what if the person talks nonstop during work hours or school activities? Direct the conversation with questions The