Best Mobile Apps for Planning Your Next Weekend Getaway

Whether you’re taking the skies or hitting the road this travel season, you could do well with having a digital companion to ensure that your tickets are all lined up and to help you plan out your itinerary. So next time you have some time to kill while on a public transportation or while waiting in the doctor’s office, download the following mobile apps and start planning your next weekend getaway.

1. TripIt

Unlike what most travel planning apps do, TripIt offers a hassle-free way of combining all your travel tickets, itineraries, hotel bookings, confirmations and car rental reservations in a single view. That view then becomes the central hub of all your travel needs. What’s more amazing is it’s shareable with family and friends – people you might to share your travel details with just for security purposes.

2. Hitlist

Interested in making your weekend getaways more financially doable? If so, then Hitlist is the best app for you. With this app, you get to choose your dream destination and be informed when the plane tickets are really low. If you’re planning to attend an event on a specific location, you can also set a ticket price alert for that particular place. But if you don’t really have any exact preference of the place you want to visit, you can simply check on the best flights for the rest of the day best on the price, destination and duration.

3. TouristEye

Instead of assisting you in finding the best ticket prices for your trip or organizing your weekend getaway, TouristEye works by helping you create a ‘wish list’ of destinations that you’d like to visit. Aside from that, you can also use the app to plan an annual family vacation or if you just want to enjoy a short trip here and there. TouristEye also lets you build a bucket list of places that you want to visit, and share it with your family or friends. This way, they can add some waypoints or suggest things that you can do while in the place.

4. Packing Pro

The difference between using Packing Pro to list down the things you need to pack and a piece of paper is that the former has a customized packing list. Not only will it remind you to pack your passport, foreign money and sunscreen, it’ll also help you pack the right clothing pieces based on your trip duration and the temperature of your travel destination.

Planning out your weekend getaway doesn’t have to be that challenging and confusing if you just know the right travel apps to use. So make your future travel plans less stressful by keeping the aforementioned mobile apps on hand.

Why You Don’t Need Travel Insurance from Airlines  

Traveling is part of our lives because somehow we have to move from one place to another. When we travel via air, sea or water, we want to feel safe. If we consider the air, we have to consider our peace of mind that is why we have to consider travel insurances especially with the unusual accidents involving planes these days.


We can easily buy travel insurances offered by airlines but we do not actually read the terms. It is crucial that we read the contents so we will know what we will get. However, there are experts that tell us that travel insurance from airlines may not be the best choice. How so? Well, here are some reasons why we should not consider travel insurance from airlines:

  • Pre-existing medical conditions: Unfortunately, travel insurance from airlines does not cover pre-existing medical conditions. When we board airplanes, we think that we are in perfect health but no one knows what will happen so it is best that we have to choose travel insurances that also cover pre-existing medical conditions.
  • Disruption of trip: Yes, there are travel insurances that let us claim money if our trips are disrupted because of unforeseen events but if we look closely to the agreement, we will find something more particular. Travel insurances have particular instances that let us claim money like cancelled, delayed and postponed trips but only if we are overseas.

People wait for their delayed flights at LaGuardia Airport in New York

  • Missed connections: We do not have problems if we have one flight but what if we have connecting flights? If we miss one, other flights will be screwed and that is where another problem arises. There are airlines who do not compensate for the missed connection. We will surely find ourselves trapped in an airport.
  • Overbooked flights: If we travel to multiple cities on one trip, we have to make sure that we are protected from overbooked transport. If there is an overbooked flight, an airline will give us a voucher (maybe $100 or more) as a compensation but it will not take away the wasted time and trip.
  • Hostage or kidnapping: Though chances are remote that we will be held hostage or kidnapped while we travel, we have to think of the possibility. There are airline travel insurances that deny us of any compensation just because we denied paying an additional $12 on our insurance.
  • Personal liabilities: When we are overseas, we tend to do silly things. That is part of the fun of being away. So, what will happen if we do something that can lead us to court? Unfortunately, most if not all travel insurance does not cover the cost of legal amounts.


Tips for Booking Your Indonesia Trip

It is summer and your family plans to take a trip. You decided to indulge in Indonesia. Indonesia is a nice place to visit with thousands of archipelagos to consider. You will never get bored there considering 13,466 islands. Do not think about the cost because the experience is incomparable.


The first thing that you should do is book your airline tickets. If you find booking hard, you can refer to the following tips:

  • Visit airline websites: You should first canvass. If you want a cheap airline ticket, you should visit the websites of airline companies and look for promo fares. You can also consider subscribing to their newsletters and follow their latest updates via Facebook and Twitter.

  • Avoid travelling on a weekend and holidays: If you are planning to travel on a weekend (Saturday and Sunday) or during holidays, you should think twice. Many people will consider that. You won’t find any available seats. Ticket fares are cheaper when it is Tuesday or Wednesday.
  • Travel during non-peak season: If you are travelling under a budget, you should go when it is low season. Airlines will cut their prices to make sure that seats are full.
  • Book right away: If you found the right price, you should grab it right away. Do not delay it because there will never be another chance.
  • Choose flights well: When you are travelling, you get cheaper deals when you travel early. You should choose the earliest flight. If you do not want to travel early, you should consider the last flight.

Booking is not easy especially that there are a lot of things you need to consider. The tips mentioned above can make a difference.

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