Clinic Right at Your Doorstep

April 7 marks the World Health Day. Singapore celebrates World Health Day together with the world. This year, Singapore made a breakthrough by launching series of apps that cab permit elderly patients (or their caregivers) to reach their doctors without going to the clinic or experiencing the queue. These mobile applications are the first in Singapore and the world.


The first app is called Smart Ageing. Borderless Clinic delivers this useful app to the elderly. Other apps include Heartsmart and Health Abacus. This is a big help to the elderly especially that they find going to clinics or hospitals inconvenient. The app will enable the doctors to extend their reach. So, why is the app important? The app can do many things to include:


  • It helps patients understand cardiac conditions: Cardiac conditions are serious. It can lead to death if it is ignored or neglected. You need someone (or something) that can help you monitor and understand it even more. You have your caregiver but the Smart Ageing will help you contact your physician.
  • Patients can get advice: If you find travelling to the doctor inconvenient, you can always use the app to communicate with your doctor or physician. You can get an advice and answers. You only need to download the application. The mobile application is secured.
  • Patients can ask questions: Apart from soliciting advice, you can ask questions using your app to your doctor. Your doctor will be equipped with tablets and smartphones so they can deliver the answers about the ailments that you inquired.
  • It can monitor blood pressure & blood glucose levels: Aside from making you understand cardiac conditions, the application can also help you understand your blood pressure and blood glucose levels. At the end of the day, doctors will help you monitor it.

The app is available for download. Heartsmart is also available online. If you want to download Health Abacus, you should wait till April 5 before it becomes available. It is crucial that you consider the apps because it makes your live better and easier.

It costs S$12 million to establish the system but it can be the difference between life and death. You should encourage your elderly to download this app. This is more than an application to earn more money. This is about bringing convenience to the elderly and their family. Its convenience and comfort make these applications useful not only for elders but for others as well.


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