Essential Clothing Items for Every Woman

Whether you’re decluttering your wardrobe or you want to add more pieces, these are the essential clothing items every woman should have.

Bateau shirt

Classic striped shirts do not go out of style because of the simple design. If you are on the thin side as well, the horizontal lines will make you appear a bit healthier.

Plain white shirt

White shirts will never look old or faded until colored or printed shirts. They can also be paired with skirts, pants, and shorts of any color.

Blue jeans

You should have at least three different cuts of blue jeans for every occasion and theme. Blue jeans will go well with any shoe and shirt color.

Black dress

This is for those occasions when you need to put on something formal but you don’t have time to go shopping.

Black blazer

A proper blazer should fit snugly on you, which means it should not be too loose or too tight. If you can, invest in at least two tailored black (or navy blue) blazers for daily use at the office.

Cashmere crew neck

Instead of going through different blazers for daily use at the office, invest in cashmere crew neck. They will not look bulky and they can fit it your medium sized bag, too.

Midi skirt

A figure-flattering skirt does not have to be short and skimpy. A midi skirt lends style and sophistication but also shows off your curves.

Turtleneck shirt

The great thing about it is that you can wear it during cool nights and it layers well with jumpsuits, jackets, and vests.

Leather jacket

This is great for casual evenings with friends and co-workers if you want to look a bit edgy. Look for a plain-colored jacket with muted designs so you wear it as many times as you want.

White sneakers

For casual wear, you will never go wrong with plain white sneakers. They can be paired with pants, shorts, skirts, and even dresses no matter the color and style.

Strapped sandals

At least one pair of comfortable sandals should be in your wardrobe to go with those girly skirts and dresses.

Black trousers

Tired of the usual fitting jeans? Look for a plain black high rise crop pants that will go well with almost any color and style of shirt. It adds some sophistication to your casual wear, too.

Silk blouse

The retro look might be perfect for those days when you just want to have something comfortable to wear that is not trashy.

Black pumps

This is not only for daily wear at the office, but you can also use this for those special occasions when you can’t seem to find the right pair of shoes.

Ankle boots

A plain colored pair of boots is for those times when you don’t feel like wearing sneakers or sandals. They also come in different designs and fabrics that go well with various outfits.

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