Health Tests for Men

Every person is different from the other, just like how men are different from women. Men have different health condition and body structure from women which means they also have different health needs. To know what health tests men should undergo, here’s a list of tests you can try checking with your doctor.

Cholesterol Level Tests

If you’re 35 years old with family history of heart diseases, high blood pressure and diabetes, see your doctor immediately and schedule a health test for cholesterol level. The tests don’t take much of your time and are relatively easy.

Skin Cancer

Unlike women, men have higher risks of having skin cancer since they’re not as conscious when it comes to their skin. Furthermore, studies show that male skin has lesser antioxidants than female skin. With this, men have to be more attentive to their skin’s condition especially when they reach the age of 40. Talk to your dermatologist and be sure to see them annually to monitor are any suspicious moles or blemishes on your skin.

Colon Cancer Test

Colon cancer is the most common type of cancer in men, but totally preventable. Ask your doctor about colon cancer tests and know how you can prevent it. Most doctors recommend that at the age of 50, men need to start regular colon cancer screening. The test should include a colonoscopy procedure. The procedure is not going to be easy but way better than having to undergo chemotherapies if the disease worsens.

Blood Pressure

Blood pressure has to be monitored regularly to avoid artery damages and development of heart diseases. Visit your doctor at least once a year or have your own sphygmomanometer at home to manually monitor your blood pressure.

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