Here’s Why You Should Avoid E-cigarettes

If you live in Singapore, you know that the selling of e-cigarettes is illegal. The Singapore Health Sciences Authority (HSA) is reminding all Singaporeans and visitors to refrain from using such because they will face punishments should they continue it. If you use e-cigarettes, this is the perfect time to stop and abandon its use before it is too late.


Under the Tobacco Act, any action (importation, distribution or sale) that relates to e-cigarettes  is considered illegal. If you are caught, you will be fined not more than S$ 5,000 for the first offence. For the second offence, you will be fined S$10,000. Imprisonment will follow. E-cigarettes is a device than simulates tobacco.

It is crucial that you know why you should avoid e-cigarettes. Here’s why:

  • Health: The issue of the usefulness of e-cigarettes is not clear. There are agencies that claim e-cigarettes can help the smoker cease from smoking. According to this group, e-cigarette can aid in the cessation of smoking but there are no scientific bases to that. Despite its aid in the cessation of smoking, the fact remains that e-cigarettes are not designed to help smokers quit.

E Cigarettes Become Popular Alternative

  • Safety: There are many people who consider e-cigarettes because it is believed that it contain fewer toxic than the traditional tobacco. These people should not believe in everything they hear without validating. E-cigarette is a form of Nicotine Replacement Product. It can contribute to the health of people but there are no regulations therefore HSA has issued warnings. It is better to be safe than never, right? No studies about the safety of e-cigarettes were made so you should be cautious. 
  • Addiction: The addiction is without a doubt a big issue for smokers. Whether it is the traditional cigarette or the e-cigarette, the experts warn the users that it can be addicted. There are many agencies and countries who expressed their concerns about the use of e-cigarettes and its addictive properties. Instead of cutting down the addiction, e-cigarettes can increase your dependency smoking. 

The legal status of e-cigarettes is relative. This means that not all country prohibits the use of e-cigarettes. Here in Singapore, e-cigarettes resemble tobacco smoking and that is enough reason why it should be prohibited and prevented.

If you know someone who is illegally holding e-cigarettes, you should tell him/her everything he/she needs to know about the legality of such. Any form of smoking should be discouraged because it can cause harm. You should give importance to your health. To be safe, healthy and happy, you should cease from smoking.


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