How to Decorate Your Space Using Wallpapers

When you think of wallpaper, does the image of the floral-patterned wall of your local salon come to mind? Well, that doesn’t have to be the case. Wallpapers no longer have to be old-fashioned or stuffy. In fact, there are a lot of modern and sophisticated ways to incorporate patterned paper into your home. Whether you’re thinking of using wallpaper for an entire room, or just adding a few strips here and there to add some flair to an empty wall, here are several stunning decor suggestions for you.


  1. Accent Wall. One of the best ways to add visual interest to your space is by creating an accent wall, but make sure that you choose a wallpaper design or pattern that perfectly complements the colours of the room. Behind the couch and the headboard are usually great spots for accents.


  1. Ceiling Art. Feeling a bit adventurous? Try papering the ceiling of your room with bold-patterned wallpaper. Adding a beautiful pattern on your ceiling will add texture to the space without overwhelming the whole area.


  1. Backsplash. Using coloured tiles for your backsplash can be costly and time-consuming to do. Luckily, you can now use this decorating style without spending a fortune—by using wallpapers. Look for fun patterns to brighten up the kitchen or even the bathroom.


  1. Chalkboard Wall. Another great way to decorate with wallpaper is to use chalkboard style wallpaper. Using this type of wallpaper allows you to further customize your wall, write down your reminders, and keep your entire day organized.


  1. Small Spaces. Decorating smaller spaces is now possible thanks to patterned wallpapers. Just choose a design that perfectly suits the colour pattern of your home. Entryways and bathrooms are the perfect places to start your venture to using an all-over wallpaper.


  1. Patterned Walls. If you’re not that confident with using patterned wallpapers, then it’s best to take baby steps. There are several ways to incorporate wallpaper into your home décor without using up an entire wall, such as only having it as a background décor for your shelves, for filling in spaces between windows, or to decorate the wall by the staircase.

With these new ways to use wallpaper, you now have a lot of options to strategically spruce up your space with wallpapers.


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