How to Harness Your Child’s Musical Talents

There are children who spend their time playing but there are others who are busy putting Singapore in the international stage. Have you heard about the nine year old violinist Samuel Tan? He is young but he brought home an award. He won the Postacchini Violin Competition held in Italy.

Asian kid playing piano

Samuel revealed that he started playing the violin before he turned three years old. Your child can become Samuel if you encourage him. If you see talent, you should help it harness. Here are some tips on how to harness your child’s musical talents:

  • Encouraging creativity: You should teach your child to think outside the box. His creativity will manifest. Regardless of the kind of artist he is, creativity is an essential tool in his success. For example, at a young age, you can nurture creativity through activities like colouring, painting and playing.
  • Pick your own instrument: If you are playing an instrument, pick it up and show it to your child. Encourage him to sing along. When he gets older, he will know what instrument to consider.


  • Look for appropriate instruments: If your child is sure of the instrument he wants to play, you have to look for instruments that are designed for his little fingers. Toy and music stores are a great start.
  • Enrol: If you really see great potential and if your kid is really interested, you can enrol him to a music class. There are many music schools here in Singapore that you can consider. Make sure that the ambiance is conducive.

The most important thing here is letting your child be your guide. Do not impose or pressure him. Whatever that interest him, you should accept it and help harness it.


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