LASIK For The Layman

Many eye problems could be corrected by having Lasik surgery. The vision problems like astigmatism, presbyopia, hyperopia and myopia might be acquired once cornea is defected. Furthermore, these problems also occur once the retina of the eye is no longer sharp. When the eye focal length became defected, the images coming out are blurry. With this condition, LASIK procedure is done in order to correct the refractive issues. On the other hand, Singapore is one of the countries offering this treatment and it even provides success stories.


Aside from this fact, Singapore is also the country that offers best deals for the procedure. Aside from Lasik, another procedure done to correct the refractive problems is Epi-LASIK. This is identified as a safer and a lesser painful procedure as compared with lasik singapore. The two has the same objective and goal but somehow differ in the process due to LASIK has employment of alcohol while the Epi-Lasik does not have. However, when it comes to safety precautions, Epi-LASIK and LASIK needs to be observed well.

In Singapore, the first safety precaution before taking LASIK or Epi-Lasik procedure is the age. It is very important that the patient’s age must be 18 years old. At this point in time, the eye cornea is already fully developed. Another thing is that it is very important that the laser vision correction must be stop once the prescription of glasses is unstable due to once the eye continues to change then the benefits that the surgery could give might be for short term only.

Before having LASIK or Epi Lasik surgery in Singapore, it is vital to consult first a doctor to determine the present health condition that might have great effect on having the laser eye surgery. There are health conditions that are identified not safe for the patients to have the surgery they are infections, diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis and lupus. Hence, doctor approval is very essential to have first before taking the laser eye surgery. The next thing to consider is to look for knowledgeable and well-experienced ophthalmologist.


In Singapore, it is an important thing to do, since there are many surgeons claiming that they are the best in Lasik or Epi-Lasik procedure. With this, it is essential to have the one who have great records when it comes on having great outcome. Once you already found your surgeon, it is vital that before Lasik or Epi Lasik surgery, series of examinations must be done first. The test included is the mapping of the eye shape. With such, the surgeon will have options of the laser eye surgery to use.