Making the Best with Canvas Oil Painting

Oil painting is a process of painting having pigments bound by drying oil. Frequently, the oil is boiled with certain resin, called as varnishes, which is prized for the gloss and the body. There are also other oils that are being employed like safflower oil, walnut oil and poppy seed oil. The mentioned oils have different properties onto the oil paint like less yellowing and diverse drying period. There are also some differences on the paints sheen, which basically depends on the oil. Most Singapore painters utilize diverse oil in one painting depend on the effects and pigments wanted to achieved as shown in several well known art galleries here. On the other hand, the paints also develop themselves certain consistence depending to the kind of medium use. In order to have the best canvas oil painting, painters uses different techniques. To know some of them, written below are the commonly used techniques.

Wet on wet – this is considered as an open canvas technique, which is an advanced technique that needs oil painting experience. Usually, this Singapore oil painting technique is taught in art gallery schools. With this, the oil painting is done one to three days, before the paint starts to thicken. It is essential that artists could mix colors fast but with the right understanding about the theory of color. It is also necessary to have an excellent grasp on firm development and proficiency in brushwork. In this technique, the painting must start form an oil sketch, which is very common in order to have tone and composition. The sketch is being dissolved later on as painting moves forward. The oil painting could be adjusted through highlights and glazes after drying.

• Build up – this technique is a process of layering that involves putting the lightest and whitest sections last within the light colors or white tinted paints thick layers located on the top portion of the oil painting. Usually, the highlights as well as the body of the painting are created in opaque layers of paint. The light reflection on the oil painting is not just off pigment but as well superbly influenced by the brushwork texture. Just a simple thing keep mind always, all paintings are frequently opaque.

• Open canvas – this is a commonly used technique in canvas oil painting by Singapore painters who display in art gallery. This technique starts through transparent under painting and then leave the areas bare naked no matter what is the kind of technique used. In this technique the dominant feature is the under painting. There are instances where in the technique also use scumbling and glazing to be the primary application tool instead of being an adjustment tool.

• Under oil painting – this technique is a very efficient way to add luminescence onto the entire effect. This is also identified as layering technique, where in the top opaque layers is painted over the dried transparent layers, letting the under painting areas open in order for the underneath transparent layers glow to hoe through. The chief advantage of this technique is that the underneath layers dry evenly and fast and also the finishing stage of the oil painting is happened quickly. In this technique, the background of the oil painting is transparent.

• Scumbling and glazing – this is the technique where in thin layers are applied to the oil painting. This is very efficient to smooth gradations and for the adjustments of dried layers. It could also be utilized to administer the absorptive and reflective light qualities present within the pigments. Scumbling is the scrubbing on the stiff or thick dry layer of the pigment, while glazing is the adding of transparent tinted wet means layer. The major function of scumbling is to stick on the canvas fibers surface while glazing settle within the canvas texture crevices. Hence, because of this the two are identified as transparent painting technique.

This is an overview by Vinci Arts gallery who is has an art gallery exhibition from talented painters from over south-east asia. To view more oil paintings that were done by these talented artists, do a search for Vinci Arts Singapore.

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