Moments When You Unwittingly Betrayed Your Partner

A loving and romantic relationship requires both parties’ honesty and commitment. But despite your best intentions, there are still some things that you do that might not appear harmful to you, but can actually hurt your relationship. This means that even though you’re not cheating, there will be moments when you do a certain thing that’s actually a form of betrayal even if it’s not what you intended.

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  1. Lying

You’re expected to be honest with your partner all the time, but there will be times when you’ll be forced to lie to keep your relationship peaceful. Although it might seem necessary at times, it’s important to think about what your motives are every time you lie.

If you lied because you did something that you’re not supposed to do, then understand that you’re in the wrong and have to stop.

  1. Flirting With Someone Else

Whether it’s your neighbour, a co-worker or someone else, flirting with someone because you like them is wrong. It might seem innocent when it starts, but it might lead to situations you wouldn’t want to and shouldn’t be in the first place.

  1. Criticizing Your Partner in Public

 There are times when arguments happen in public, and since you’re exasperated, you can’t help but give some sarcastic remarks. But whatever it is that you do, understand that it can be hurtful to your partner and that regardless of the mistake they made, they don’t deserve to be humiliated publicly.

Also, remember that what you do reflects your character and you definitely don’t want people to see you as a horrible girlfriend.


  1. Spending Most of Your Time With Others

Spending some time apart is understandable, especially if you have deadlines to meet or if you work long hours. But this is also the reason why you need to recharge and relax with your partner on your days off. Ask yourself as to how you spend your free time. Do you still spend it on work, or do you use it to bond with your significant other? Your answer will tell whether or not you’re betraying your significant other.

  1. Being Unreasonably Selfish

There will be times when you need to put yourself first, but being unreasonably selfish is a completely different story. In fact, it’s even worse when you don’t tell him why you’re acting that way. Understand that your guy will never be a mind reader, so help him out by explaining why you’re acting the way you are – even if you think the reason for it is pretty obvious.

Although cheating on your partner is the ultimate form of betrayal, doing these little things could still lead to the destruction of your relationship’s foundation. It’s always best to address such issues now to avoid the harmful effects it may cause to your relationship.


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