Otak-Otak: The Brain Food

In many regions in Southeast Asia, otak-otak is a word that means brain. However, the food otak-otak is not made up of brains. Typically, this is a dish that has the delectable combinationo of fish meat and different seasonings. Otak-otak is also one of the famous dishes in the entire Southeast Asia. Why is it

Rojak – Traditional Singapore dish

Rojak is one cuisine that is usually found at the beautiful cities and towns of Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia. This food is a combination of vegetables and fruits. The term “Rojak” is a Malay word that means mixture. In Singapore, there are two different servings of Rojak. These are served in Chinese and Malay style.

Tips for Booking Your Indonesia Trip

It is summer and your family plans to take a trip. You decided to indulge in Indonesia. Indonesia is a nice place to visit with thousands of archipelagos to consider. You will never get bored there considering 13,466 islands. Do not think about the cost because the experience is incomparable. The first thing that you

The Importance of Helmet

When you go cycling, you are always reminded to wear your helmet at all times. Though you feel safe in the cycling path, helmets should still be considered. Have you heard about the OCBC Cycle Singapore 2014 incident? There was a participant who accidentally fell and suffered head injuries. He was rushed to the Singapore

Clinic Right at Your Doorstep

April 7 marks the World Health Day. Singapore celebrates World Health Day together with the world. This year, Singapore made a breakthrough by launching series of apps that cab permit elderly patients (or their caregivers) to reach their doctors without going to the clinic or experiencing the queue. These mobile applications are the first in

The Budget Quiz

If you are curious about the Ministry of Finance’s budget processes, this is the time to learn it. You can join the Ministry of Finance (MOF) Budget Quiz 2014 which will commence on January 9, 2014. Participants with the highest scores in the set of quizzes will be qualified for the weekly draw. You can