Water Safety: Tips for Swimming in Open Water

When we have hot weather, nothing beats cooling down in deep water. Some of us may choose to just take a dip in our bath tubs, but nothing beats beating the heat by going to the pool or the beach. However, few people who go swimming are familiar with safety procedures for going in the water. Often, we just rely on lifeguards and do not make any preparations against emergencies.


Obviously, this can lead to accidents. It is important that we consider water safety to avoid incidents like drowning. If you are reckless, you can lose your life or be unable to safe others. Water-related accidents can be avoided if you follow guidelines. The first thing that you should do is learn how to swim. But even after you’ve learnt how to swim, you should still consider the following guidelines:

  • Buddy System

If you ask swimming instructors, they will always remind you to swim with a buddy or partner. We should never try to swim alone. No matter how skilled you are at swimming, you may experience muscle cramps, which can momentarily disable you and put you in a dangerous situation. That’s when you need someone to help you out of the water.

  • Life-Saving Skills


Your life saving skills will come in handy. There is nothing wrong if you learn basic life-saving skills like CPR and other rescue methods. The thought of saving a life is fulfilling enough. The good news is that there are institutions and organizations that offer complimentary classes for boaters, beginners and professional swimmers.

  • Knowing Your Limits

Swimming is a fun experience, especially if you are with friends. There are times that you want to stay in the waters longer. However, if you are still practicing swimming, you should know your limits. It is good to linger long and go farther, but you have to know what your body can only do and to stop going farther than that. Allow yourself to develop slowly and avoid risks.

  • Staying Safe

It is important that you only stay in safe areas. Do not go farther where lifeguards cannot see you. If you are trapped in a current, do not fight it or panic because this will only worsen the situation. You have to swim matching the current until you reach the shore or somewhere you can stay and call for help.

If you follow the guidelines mentioned above, you will greatly reduce having accidents in the water.

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What You Need to Know About PPS

The Housing Board developed a priority scheme that can help first-time married couples deal with their housing needs. It is called Parenthood Priority Scheme (PPS). It was instigated in January 2013. PPS included about families from BTO (Build To Order) and balance flats. By January 2014, 10000 couples are expected to benefit from PPS.


Having a family is not easy these days because of different conditions but the government is supporting the couples so they can have a comfortable life together with their children. Here are other things that you need to know about Parenthood Priority Scheme:


Parenthood Priority Scheme is an allocation provided for first-time married couples with a child 16 years below. This will also include couples who are having a baby. As mentioned above, PPS will help families with their housing needs. Apart from this, the couple should satisfy all eligibility stipulations provided by HDB (Housing Development Board).

Balloting Rules

Under the Parenthood Priority Scheme, HDB will assign 30% fixed reservation quota of BTO flats. For the balance flats, there will be a 50% fixed reservation quota. The houses are reserved for first-time married couples with a child below 16 years old including those that are expecting a child.

Proportion of Flats


The supply of the BTO flats (30%) and balance flats (50%) for first time married couples will not change. If the supply is greater than the demand, the flats will not be given to others. It will still be reserved for Parenthood Priority Scheme applicants in the future.


If the applicants for Parenthood Priority Scheme exceed the number allocated by BTO and balanced flats for a specific period of time, they should wait for the next batch. Rest assured that the applicants will have another chance in balloting.

The reason for this: You should know that there are different groups of first time applicants – fiancé-fiancée couples, married couples without children and married couples who have children. Parenthood Priority Scheme highlights married couples who have children because among these groups, they have the most housing and economic needs.

The government is encouraging the couples to build their family as soon as they are married. The couples should see this as an opportunity not a burden. There are married couples who delay having children here in Singapore for economic reasons. Couples would save money first for their future and when they feel that it is enough, they will have children. Your uneasiness about having a family especially with the unstable economy is understandable but you do not need to be afraid because the government will assist you.



ChildAid 2013

The 9th ChildAid will be opened on December 6 -7, 2013 at the Sands Theatre, Marina Bay Sands. ChildAid is an annual activity that seeks to raise funds for the children. The fund raising activity is organized by two newspaper agencies. For this year, the theme is carnival. The children practiced a lot to master their carnival acts. Here’s what you can witness:childaid06

Musical Performers

There are musical performances. Everyone is excited to witness the performances of children with musical talents. Are you familiar with Julia Abueva? She performed in ChildAid 2008. It is announced that she will join Miss Saigon.


Circus Infinity

All should watch out for the circus infinity. The circus infinity will feature eleven children who will juggle and perform many tricks. The children performers are between the ages of 13 to 16. Some of their tricks include juggling clubs and walking on poles and spinning square.




Magic Tricks and Acrobats

Your kids will enjoy this too. If you want to join the party and contribute to children’s funds, you only need to book your ticket. You can go directly to the Marina Bay Sands Ticketing Office or you can simply call them. Tickets are sold at S$38, S$28 and S$18. The ticke
ts exclude booking fee. Kids will surely love magic tricks. Magicians are also present who will awe the audience with their tricks and illusions. Together with magicians, you will also be stunned with the performances of acrobats. You will witness breath-taking tricks and stunts. Entertainment will be better with gymnastic performers.

ChildAid website


Buying Home Energy-Efficient Appliances

HDB (Housing Development Board) initiated the very first public exhibition featuring home energy-efficient appliances on November 30, 2013. The event sought to promote energy-efficient appliances. The exhibition was a move so that Singaporeans can finally embrace a healthy and sustainable lifestyle. There are many appliances featured like air conditioners, microwave, refrigerators, ovens and other fixtures.


If you consider energy-efficient appliances, you are helping your environment plus you are decreasing your utility bills. The secret is to pick the right appliance. Here’s a guide when buying your home energy-efficient appliance/s:

Size and Style

If you have a small space, it is inconvenient if you purchase a bigger appliance. It is best to measure the space first and then look for an appliance that will fit that space. You also need to check the door or lid; it should be opened.



The price matters a lot. Many energy-efficient appliances are expensive but there are affordable ones. You have to go through a lot of brands and model to pick the right one. In most cases, the more expensive the appliance is, the more efficient it is.

Other Offers

If you are a smart shopper, you will surely look for other offers before settling on something. If you need to scour the market, you will do it. You need to consider factors like low interests, rebates and other programs.

Energy Label

You have to check the energy label. This is not hard to find because it is posted right in front of the appliance. Reading energy label will give you ideas so you can compare efficiency of brands and their models.

The simplest way is to look for the Energy Star logo. The logo symbolizes efficient products or appliances. If you have questions, you should ask the customer representative.


3 Cost Effective Wedding Reception Ideas

When you think about the reception, three things will come to mind: the decor, set-up, and of course, the wedding hotel banquet. If you are fortunate not to think about how much you can spend, you can have many things but if you need to scrimp on your wedding budget, you should look for ways to maximize your money. It is not like you cannot afford an elaborate one, you are just preparing for the future family.


There is nothing wrong with that. Whatever you prefer, you should enjoy your wedding because you only get one chance (at least here in Singapore) to make it right. So, what should transpire in your cost-effective wedding reception? Reception is the part of the wedding that welcomes the couple in the marriage life. It is usually celebrated in a suitable venue with foods and drinks. If you are thinking about wedding hotel banquet, naturally it is in a hotel.

You can look for a three star hotel for a start. You do not need five star hotels when you consider wedding hotel banquet because sometimes, three star hotels offer competitive services. Here in Singapore, you can find many three star hotels with the best banquet. You will surely get your money’s worth. Here are three tips on how you can save money on your wedding hotel banquet:

1. Buffet Stations

Buffet stations are cheaper than plated ones but if you want plated ones, you can still pursue it. The drawback of buffet stations at your wedding banquet singapore  is a traffic jam. But you can do something about this. You can set up different stations to disperse traffic. For example, you can set up the salads or appetizers section in a corner and set the main course or meats on the other side.


Do not forget about your dessert tables, as well as your drinks. If you want an organized way, you should consider plated serving. In this setup, the waiters will serve the plates with the food in it individually to your guests. For three course meals, the appetizers, main course and dessert will come in order. Though this is a bit expensive, your visitors will surely be pampered.

2. Family Style

A “family style” reception is when each wedding hotel banquet guests get a portion then pass it around. The tables are provided with food, from the appetizers to the desserts, and it is up to the group what they want to eat first. Foods are passed around like when you eat with the family. This is acceptable. Just think of everyone in the reception as one big extended family, which it is.


3. Minimize Guests

You should narrow down your list. You should invite few people to save money. These people can be your close friends and relatives. If you invite many, it will mean additional costs. If you state your reasons honestly and reasonably, people will understand.

You do not need to sacrifice style just because you are saving money on your wedding. You can still have a wedding and feed people even if you are thinking about saving. Do not be negative about it. Do not cancel your wedding because you think it is a waste of time, effort and resources. Weddings should happen and people should witness it. No matter how simple it is, just be happy about it and be proud of it.

The Basics of Web Hosting

Using a web hosting provider to promote business products and services is very popular in Singapore. It helps Singapore-based businesses in reaching clients across the world. However, there are still some who are not well-knowledgeable about what website hosting is all about. To help you fully understand what it is and how it can help you, here are the basics of website hosting.

What is web hosting?

See the folders and documents on you PC? They are all stored on your desktop’s hard disk ready for use anytime you need to. Just like your documents, a web page is a file. If your documents require your PC to store them all, web pages also need a computer where all of them have to be stored.

The only difference is that web pages are intended to be accessible by the public. To allow this, they have to be stored in a much higher type of computer than the type of computer everybody has, and must be connected to the Internet at all times through a highly powerful link.

The computer used in storing all the Singapore web pages is what we call the “web server.” As a group, a cluster of web pages is called as “web site,” and all of the web pages in the world form the World Wide Web (WWW).

It is providing bandwidth and space on a highly powered computer Host Merlion Singapore server that is linked to a high speed internet connection. Website hosting companies need to run large networks of high-performing web server computers in a setting known as data centre. These servers have to be connected to a high-speed internet connection.

The job of making web pages and web sites made is called Singapore web hosting. Some people also call it web space since web hosting provider sell “spaces” for a business to host their web site.

Kinds of Web Hosting

The 3 main types of web hosting are the free, dedicated, and shared hosting server. The most popular and widely used of the 3 types is the shared hosting server. With this type of server, your chosen hosting company will provide you with a bandwidth and disk space where you can host your site. A hosting company operates a number of this kind, which holds more than one web site, in a large data centre.

Amount of Web Space and Bandwidth

This is the allotted space given to your web site by your web hosting company. Web spaces offered by companies vary but typically start at 50 megabytes which could go all the way up to 200 megabytes. For most websites, 50MB is more than enough.

The size of bandwidth also makes a difference in hosting a good Singapore web site. The amount of bandwidth available will help support and manage the traffic of your site. Keep in mind that the more bandwidth available, the better performance of web site you can get. However, don’t be fooled by web hosting companies that offer unlimited bandwidth. Though some of these are legit, there are still some who are exaggerating their offers in hopes the user won’t use much.


Pay attention to cheap web hosting offers. These offers may lack in some areas, which you might encounter at most inconvenient times. Don’t be fooled by giveaway prices and unlimited offers. Price may also be one of your deciding factors, but there are much more to ponder if you want good quality Singapore web host.

Bodies of Wine

The body of a wine refers to its weight or texture in the mouth. This range of texture is how the wines are classified: textures ranges from light and delicate to full and velvety. Basically, red wines are identified into three types: light, medium and heavy.

Light Bodied Wine

A light bodied wine feels very silky and smooth to the tongue. This type of wine is often compared to skim milk—not the taste, but its lightness. These wines tend to be less demanding partners with flavour-filled foods. Great match for light meat dishes, burgers, pasta, sausages, casseroles and pizza. Examples for this kind are the famous Beaujolais and Southern France’s Pinot Noir.

Medium Bodied Wine

Medium bodied wines contains more tannin than the light types, making it a blend of both light and heavy texture. Since it is known for its versatility, this type of red wine is a bit more expensive. Foods that best match medium bodied wines are spicy meat dishes, roast chicken, grilled meats, lamb, turkey or salmon. The best of this kind are the California Cabernet, Australian Shiraz and Merlots.

Full Bodied Wine

Full bodied wine brags its highest tannin level. This feels heavier and fuller to the tongue, and may contain high amounts of alcohol, too. This type of red wine goes well with richly flavoured dishes, game birds, spicy pastas, roasted turkey and venison. There are so many famous red wines, including the Cabernet Sauvignon, Zinfadel, Sangiovese, Barbaresco and Burgundy wines.

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Health Tests for Men

Every person is different from the other, just like how men are different from women. Men have different health condition and body structure from women which means they also have different health needs. To know what health tests men should undergo, here’s a list of tests you can try checking with your doctor.

Cholesterol Level Tests

If you’re 35 years old with family history of heart diseases, high blood pressure and diabetes, see your doctor immediately and schedule a health test for cholesterol level. The tests don’t take much of your time and are relatively easy.

Skin Cancer

Unlike women, men have higher risks of having skin cancer since they’re not as conscious when it comes to their skin. Furthermore, studies show that male skin has lesser antioxidants than female skin. With this, men have to be more attentive to their skin’s condition especially when they reach the age of 40. Talk to your dermatologist and be sure to see them annually to monitor are any suspicious moles or blemishes on your skin.

Colon Cancer Test

Colon cancer is the most common type of cancer in men, but totally preventable. Ask your doctor about colon cancer tests and know how you can prevent it. Most doctors recommend that at the age of 50, men need to start regular colon cancer screening. The test should include a colonoscopy procedure. The procedure is not going to be easy but way better than having to undergo chemotherapies if the disease worsens.

Blood Pressure

Blood pressure has to be monitored regularly to avoid artery damages and development of heart diseases. Visit your doctor at least once a year or have your own sphygmomanometer at home to manually monitor your blood pressure.

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Getting Custom Wedding Rings Made

Nowadays in Singapore, custom wedding ring and engagement ring have become a popular trend. This style is preferred by many because it can be as simple or as stylish as they want on the price they can afford. If you’re also considering of having customized rings, here are some of its advantages to help you decide.

• Highly customizable: The most obvious advantage of having custom wedding ring made in Singapore is that you get to decide for the design. You can include any detail you want on the ring. If you’ve seen a ring design that you really like, you can simply copy and add a few personal touches to it, such as engraved text of your wedding date, your monogram, or your and your fiancé’s name.
• Unique: Since Singapore custom wedding bands Singapore and proposal ring are personally designed, you’re assured that your rings are the only pair of its kind. For sure, anyone who’ll see it will complement its uniqueness and will be amazed that you’ve personally designed it.
• Affordable Price: This is one of the best reasons why many couples in Singapore prefer to have custom wedding rings. Because the rings are personally designed by clients and are not designed by world-renowned jewellers, the price isn’t very high.
• Mutual Agreement: This is between you and your partner. Custom wedding rings are personally designed; therefore, you and your partner can sit down and draft the design consulting each other’s opinion. This will not only cater to the preference of both sides but will also give meaning to every curve and cut on the ring.

Designing the Ring
Now that you have finally decided to go for custom rings in Singapore, here are the things you have to decide on.
• The Gemstone
The main feature of wedding bands and proposal ring is the gemstone. Choose carefully what stone you want to have on the ring – diamond, pearl, or your birthstone. Customarily, the chosen centrepiece for engagement ring is diamond. But if you want to be unique, you can have other stones in your preferred colour and shape.
• The Cut
After choosing a gemstone, the gemstone’s cut is the next thing to decide on. The shape of the stone affects the whole appearance of the wedding ring, so be very particular as to what cut is good for your chosen design. Scan through magazines, surf the internet or visit Singapore jewellery shops for you to be familiar with the different cuts and shapes of the stone you like to have.
• The Metal
The metal is almost as important as the stone. Choose a metal to use for the wedding bands that you both like as a couple and that suits your stone. Gold is the most popularly used ring metal, but there are other more kinds of metals that are commonly used by many today, such as platinum, silver, and titanium.
• Setting
This is the placement of the stone and the design you want to have on the wedding bands. Decide what design and if there should be engraved texts to the rings. You also have to determine whether you want a single centrepiece or accentuate it with small side stones.