Where to But the Freshest Ingredients

There are Singaporeans who prefer preparing their own food to be safe and healthy. If you want to prepare your own food, you should first secure or purchase your ingredients. Where to buy ingredients? You should head to wet markets. You should know that there are two sections of wet market-wet and dry section. The wet section sells meat (like pork, chicken, beef, fish and the like) and other seafood. The dry section sells rice, noodles, vegetables, herbs, etc. Here’s a list of Singapore’s best wet markets:

Geylang Serai

Geylang Serai is near the Malay Cultural Village. It provides fresh vegetables and meat. It is also a food centre.

Tiong Bahru

It is said that Tiong Bahru offers the freshest ingredients in Singapore. If you want to bargain, you can try it here and you will surely get it. If it is near you, you should go there right away.


Tekka closes late in the afternoon so you have plenty of time to look for your ingredients. It is located within Little India.

China Town

The Chinatown wet market together with the Chinatown food centre offer fun experience for ingredient shopping.

The best time to purchase whatever ingredient you need is early morning to ensure freshness. After the purchase, you are now ready to cook whatever it is you want to cook. There are many recipe books you can refer to.

There are some that favour Supermarkets because of longer opening hours, cool environment and dry floors. There are also others that are too busy and tired to cook that they prefer to dine outside. The good news is that there are many restaurants and food establishments waiting for their orders.

Where to Buy Electronics in Singapore

In Singapore, there are countless electronic centres offering best prices and deals. If you want the best prices or deals, wait for the Great Singapore Sale every May to July. If you cannot wait for May to July, you can start looking for that perfect shop that can offer you great deals. Here’s a list of the top shops for electronics in Singapore:

Mustafa Centre

If you have something in mind and cannot wait for tomorrow, Mammoth Mustafa Centre is open all the time. You don’t need to worry about the closing time and it also offers best prices and products. It is located at Syed Alwi Road.

IT Shows

If you are aware of IT fairs, you should go there directly. If you are lucky, you can get the best deals on cameras, computers, mobile phones and other electronics. Watch out for IT shows or fairs.

Lucky Plaza

If you settled at Lucky Plaza, make sure you know how to bargain. If you are good at it, you will nail a good deal. It is located at 304 Orchard Road, Singapore.

Sim Lim Square

Sim Lim Square tops the best place to get your electronics. If you want you can start from the uppermost floors then go downward. The square is located at Rochor Canal Road. The square is full of retailers so it is better if you know how to bargain.

If you have time, please visit these areas. If you are not satisfied, there are many electronics store that you can still consider like Harvey Norman, Challenger, Paris Silk and Courts. If you really want to save big, look out for the Great Singapore Sale.

The Fashion Basics for a Successful Styling Career

The fashion industry is undoubtedly the most glamorous field of career. Many young individuals have aspired to make it big in such competitive world of creative and resourceful minds. Indeed, a lot of personalities soared high in the name of styling and continues to do the same by molding aspirants. But before you can get up there, learn to sew the basic stitches for your dream of ultimate fashion stardom.

Enroll in Fashion Education

In this competitive era, it is best suggested to get some formal dose of education to keep you updated with the trends and fashion techniques. There are usually crash courses available for this type of education so if you’re really decided, go and hit the campus admission department.

Work to get Experience

More than what the four corners of classroom can teach you, actual experience will give you the practical knowledge that you need to succeed. Work for a fashion company to get an understanding of the business flow, marketing, and the other aspects of the fast-paced fashion industry. You may start to work as an assistant to get you started from scratch, in time, you’ll be proud of yourself coz you worked your way up to the ladder of success.

Make Connections

While working or studying, start to build up connections with people who are also in the industry, particularly those from whom you can learn from and those who can leverage you to better positions. Connections will help you in the future, especially when you want to establish a recognizable name to get better clients. Fashion events and gatherings are perfect venues to start this goal.

Display Your Works

Make your works recognized through the new means of communication. You may start to organize an exhibit and coordinate with a marketing team of a mall or any venue that the public can drop by and see your work. Invite family, friends and colleagues to help spread the word. Make sure to have a theme for your display.

Painting Styles for Aspiring Artists

Art, as how it is basically defined is a form of expression. Indeed, it’s a visual representation of human creativity, emotions and experiences that grant its audience the freedom to interpret.  Painting is one of the most popular of its kind since it gives boundless ways to express oneself and captivate feelings. These painting styles are used by aspiring and even professional artists to establish an edge over other art works.

Realism – A style that depicts humans and object exactly the way they look in real-life form. This requires keen attention to details such as shadows, light reflections, right color combination etc. to achieve the goal of coming up with visually realistic work.

Surrealism – This approach represents strange and complex combination of objects or circumstances. Surrealism art was believed by many that human dreams are its basic inspiration. It appears inexplicable and out of the ordinary picture but creates a unique work of art when it is properly accentuated with colors.

Abstract – From the word itself, it gives no direct message at all. The interpretation is left to the viewers. Usually, the colors and strokes of brush create the mood of the piece.

Pointillism – Objects and humans are uniquely formed through connection of fine dots. Since it’s in a dotted form, color variations must be carefully monitored and well-balanced.

Cubism – The art of cubism represents the image of the subject in a volume of multitude viewpoints to create view in a larger context. Parts of the entire picture is broken and re-assembled in a manner that seems abstract in form.

For starters, the use of water color is suggested since colors are easier to blend and it looks stronger when it’s wet. It’s also a good practicing material to start your artistic experience.

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Painting Services by The Professionals

You have recently purchased a house, completed some renovations, and all that is left to tackle and deal with is the painting. Well, there is the option of tackling your own painting and the other option of hiring credible painting services. There are many Singapore painting services which offer varied painting options at reasonable prices. Well, doing your own painting will surely save you some bucks, but how much can you trust your painting skills? What if you mess your interior and exterior paintings? When this happens, you will have to hire professional painting services to undo the painting damage done.

Doing your own painting is an appealing option when it comes to improving your home’s decor. However, some of these painting supplies might get even more expensive than hiring a painting company. This is why many individuals find it incredibly convenient and economical to hire a reliable painting service. Professionals in the painting industry have become so many in Singapore, and they are exceedingly close within reach. With just a few mindful clicks, you can get credible professionals to do the painting job for you.

Hiring professionals for your home painting comes with a particular sense of satisfaction. Painting professionals are trained to avert some painting mistakes that you would have otherwise made. Moreover, professionals are highly trained and well experience so you can expect a neat painting job, as opposed to the amateurish job that you would have done yourself. Hiring a qualified Singapore painting service just means you spend a little more cash in exchange for a beautiful painting job that will last for decades. The other advantage of hiring professionals for your painting is they are able to advise you accordingly on the paint brands and color to chose.

Painting a house is more than just taking a brush and smearing paint all over. As a matter of fact, painting requires extensive experience in the industry, and professional painters are the ultimate choice, particularly because they are equipped with painting secrets and techniques you are not accustomed to. Professionals extract the wall you envision and put it right where you desire it to be. Professional painters come in handy particularly when you need some advice on the shade and the color of the paint that will utterly suite your wall. If you want your home painting job to be utterly perfect at the end of it all, then hiring a painting service is your best option.

Often at times, you hear people say that your home is your castle. Well, this is utterly true , and as such, your home deserves a little pimping from time to time. The painting in most homes nowadays is out of whack, and only professional painting services can replenish a home’s condition. The painting of your house determines its beauty and its credibility. Often at times, people judge the quality of your home by scrutinizing its painting.

It is exceedingly easy to locate credible painting services in Singapore. Most of these professional painting companies have well established websites where you can compare the services and the prices they offer. Hunt for reasonably cheap services that have some testimonies and reviews to their painting jobs. In the search of professional painters, however, you ought to be utterly careful about unreliable contractors who offer poor painting services. With all that in mind, you will surely be able to return your castle to its former glory, and sure enough, you will be utterly satisfied with the beauty of your furnished home.

Get Things Done Clearly With the Best Singapore Accounting Software

Accounting in Singapore is a practice that is as old as business itself and for centuries; the old accounting system of recording all financial transactions to arrive at profits and the current financial standing of a business is still being followed in different parts of the world. Accounting has been rationally done by entrepreneurs themselves or later when the business gets established, by expert accountants who also use accounting software. But just as computer programs have taken over other fields of life, accounting in small businesses by Rockbell accounting software singapore has been taken over by accounting software that lends itself to customization to be applicable in all sorts of Singapore businesses. There is a lot of talk about this accounting software increasing the sufficiency and productivity of a business where it is used but how do you go about choosing Singapore accounting software that is just right for your business.


Simple, easy to understand accounting software is often the best

The worst that can happen to a business is adoption of a complex and difficult accounting system that can bring down the efficiency of any Singapore entrepreneur. This is where Singapore accounting system that is simple and easy to understand and also to use becomes so very effective. This means that elaborate and complex accounting software that takes days and weeks to just understand can do no good to any Singapore business apart from maintaining the books. Why switch over to accounting software if the same level of efficiency is achievable through a professional Singapore accountant? However, accounting systems are good for smes who have small volumes of invoices. Accounting software is good to be used as you save money on an accountant. Accounting software is coded by programmers who understand accounting systems.


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Correct Presbyopia Early in Singapore

Presbyopia, also referred to as “the ageing eyes” condition or lao hua in Singapore, is an inevitable since all of us have will eventually get affected by it after we have crossed the age of forty. While most individuals start experiencing symptoms of presbyopia by the time they have crossed 40 and are well into their mid-40s, the development of this condition may be delayed and a few may not report any signs as late as their early 50s.

However, the fact of the case is that all of us would suffer from it and there happens to be no escape since presbyopia is part and parcel of the natural ageing process and it affects all individuals from around the world, including those residing in Singapore. But at the same time, by undertaking a few effective steps, you can actually correct presbyopia Singapore in order to ensure that you do not face any complications in the future. The fact that you suffer from blurry vision by the time you cross your forties, even though you feel very young and lively, can come as very depressing. It is due to presbyopia that you start having trouble reading a magazine and are forced to hold it an arm’s length distance in order to achieve clarity.

Moreover, you would also experience blurry vision when looking at the computer screen and going through written material in a poorly lit room, for example reading a menu card inside a restaurant. Furthermore, you would also face problems going through text and messages written in very small fonts such as those on labels pasted on pill bottles and various other products. The first thing you need to remember is that presbyopia is one of the most prominent signs of ageing and results in strain in the eyes while you are observing objects which are in very close range.

While you might have never worn glasses to see objects located in long distances, you may have problems going through them when they are brought to close. A large number of people between the ages of forty and fifty have reported that they become aware of this condition when they faced trouble trying to see clearly objects which were positioned very close.

Lao hua is basically defined as a condition in which your eye experiences loss of focus as you age, and as mentioned above, all of us go through it. The development of presbyopia is basically associated with the natural lens which is located behind the iris of your eye, which is also referred to as the crystalline lens. The iris happens to be the coloured area of the eye, and while the lens has been doing a fabulous job helping to focus objects at various distances since the time you were born, but as you age, like all other organs and muscles in your body, new layers continue to grow over it produced by a natural protein which takes care of the lens. This results in the lens becoming thicker and denser with the passage of time, to the extent that it grows so thick that the muscles are unable to change their shape which means that it is unable to focus on objects which are positioned near to it.

This is when your vision becomes blurry, and you are said to be affected by lao hua. There are many eye health facilities located across Singapore with professional eye doctors who you can consult if you think you are also suffering from presbyopia. There are various treatment options available for you to choose from.

Wedding Portal Eases Planning for Brides

Every person in Singapore who is not very rich knows well that cost is the major aspect that he should consider first, before getting anything. This concern becomes more severe, when we think about arrangements of any big event like marriage event. Marriage is no doubt the most special and unforgettable event of every person. So, everyone wants to make it as luxurious as he can. However, to make an event luxurious, you have to spend lot of amount as well. Obviously, it is not possible for every person. Don’t worry at all! Perfect Weddings, a Singapore online wedding portal which consist also a forum is the right solution of all your worries about the cost of wedding event arrangements. A wedding portal is one source in Singapore that makes the whole event just luxurious in accordance to your desire and also makes it possible within your budget limit surprisingly. Yes, this is the specialty of every renowned online wedding planner. Let’s see the hidden aspects and make our mind clear about every possible doubt.

The first thing that we must know in a wedding portal about these online wedding planners is that these are the forum that offer wide range of services to their customers at the event of their wedding ceremony. You can be free from all types of tensions and worries about arrangements of wedding event, after hiring any trustworthy online wedding forum social community. No doubt, the list of services that a good wedding planner in Singapore could provide is very long. However, we can count here some of these services to make our mind clear about the benefits of hiring these online wedding forums.

Using a wedding portal, you can give many types of responsibilities to these online wedding planners like arrangement of wedding dress and in-time delivery of this dress along with all accessories, wedding ring, matching shoes, hair style, fresh flowers, arrangement of refreshment, serving the refreshment to guests and many more. Moreover, you can also put an order for arrangement of jewelry to these online wedding planners. If you want to give protocol to some special guests, you can tell the wedding planner manager as well. So, after placing these orders with the help of a wedding portal, you become tension-free at the event of your wedding ceremony.

UBS Accounting Software Rising in Popularity

There is no doubt that whether running a small or a large enterprise, you need to maintain books to be ready to face taxmen as also to keep records of all financial transactions and taxes. For long, small businessmen in Singapore depended upon the centuries old tradition of maintaining books through manual UBS accounting, either with the help of an accountant or doing it on own.


Outsourcing the managing of your Singapore company's accounting software and book keeping to a person expert in accounts has so far been the preferred way to go about maintaining books but of late, like in other parts of the world, more and more Singapore businessmen are using accounting software like UBS software Singapore to do it on their own. The market, especially the internet is full of shops selling accounting UBS software that are easy to operate and making life easier for business owners by keeping their books up to date and removing all worries about taxmen in Singapore from their minds.

Before buying accounting software, pause to take a look at free accounting UBS software
Before you take a plunge and spend a fortune on accounting software, you need to look around how many business owners are making use of free accounting software and doing it easily even doing away with their manual accountants saving money in the process.


If you are shaking your head in disbelief, there is no need to as just type free UBS accounting software and you will come across dozens of results with some even taking care of your business requirements. One question that arises and makes people scratch their heads in wonder is that when accounting UBS software is selling and fetching good money for the manufacturers in Singapore, why certain manufacturers would make it available for free.

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