Tips on Choosing Wedding Gowns in Singapore

The first and the most important tip when choosing a wedding gown, is to have a look at oneself, and then decide according to height and the figure. Skin color also plays an important role in deciding the color of the wedding gowns for your wedding in Singapore. However, white is one universal color that

Singapore the Preferred Medical Hub in SE-Asia

In the recent years, Singapore is looking forward to promote itself as a hub for medical tourism destination, thus joining in the race with India, Malaysia, Thailand, and South Korea. It has been estimated that about 200,000 internationals seek medical treatment every year in Singapore. The country is hoping to generate $3 billion in revenue

Theme Parks as Travel Attraction

In the year 2005, the government of Singapore gave permission for the construction of the Marina Bay Sands resort and the Resorts World Sentosa, a multi billion dollar project in the hope to double the visitor arrival to 17 million by 2015. The Marina Bay resort reportedly earned $391.3 million during the period of September-December

Read Online Singapore News

Everyone is on the web nowadays. We are used to having our information right here and now, Content is being streamed faster than machines ink out newspapers. There is information explosion everywhere. And why shouldn’t enews be part of that? Hello all, we are enews Singapore. We aim to bring you the latest news all

Collections by Condo Management Agents

It has been the norm for a condo management agent to collect the monthly condo maintenance payments. If the condo real estate owner is not able to pay his bills, it is better to talk with the condo managing agent about a grace period. Don’t take this matter lightly. The condo management company could be

Why most Asia companies still experience low-margin profit

Gone are the days when companies focus on labor-intensive production and manufacturing
excellence was the important factor to attaining success. In the recent years, companies had
a ‘value shift’ and are taking a bigger slice out of the profit pie by switching from manufacturing
to improving their design, marketing and distribution efforts, and providing better service to their