5 Beauty Tricks You Should Practise in Your 40s


People often say that life begins at 40, and while it may be true, your skin might not feel as young as you think you are. With this realization, it’s time you switch into beauty products and practice a few tricks that could cater to your skin’s needs at this stage in your life. Here are some changes you need to make from your 30s beauty regimen.

  1. Moisturize Your Skin Regularly

Since your skin is more prone to dryness and dullness in your 40s, it’s crucial that you keep it well-hydrated and nourished. Simply adding a hydrating serum in between your moisturizer and toner application allows your skin to quickly absorb and lock in moisture, thus keeping signs of skin dryness from showing up.

  1. Practise Gentle Exfoliation

We’ve long been instructed to lay off exfoliators so as to avoid scraping the natural oils off our face. But now that your body’s collagen production is starting to slow down, more dead skin cells will likely stay on your face. To keep these skin cells from piling up and clogging your pores, ensure that you exfoliate your skin regularly, but do it as gently as possible.

  1. Lather a Good Amount of SPF

Perhaps this is the only beauty trick that should be constantly included in your skincare regimen. However, you should no longer settle with just getting UVA or UVB protection at this point in your life. Aside from having a broad spectrum protection, you should also ensure that the sunscreen you’re using is loaded with antioxidants that help prevent the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

  1. Use Collagen-Infused Beauty Products

Collagen production slows down as you reach the age of 40, so consider switching your beauty products into those that are infused with collagen, be it your moisturizer, serum or eye cream. At this point in your life, you should start thinking of collagen as your best friend.

  1. Make Great Use of Facial Masks

Allow your skin to regenerate overnight after a long day of work and exposure to dirt. Do this by topping off your night-time skincare routine with facial masks loaded with moisture-retaining ingredients, such as hyaluronic acid, glycerine, healing ceramides and antioxidants.

Switching up your skincare regimen is crucial as you age. Doing this allows you to perform beauty tricks that better cater to your skin’s changing needs. So be sure to put these tips to work so you’ll enjoy that youthful-looking complexion even at the age of 40.

How to Make Dating Less Stressful


Dating can be a really overwhelming chore, which often results to an unpleasant experience. Although it’s easy to get out of the dating scene when things starts becoming difficult and awkward, avoid going on that path though. Here, we’ve listed down some tips on how you can make dating more enjoyable than stressful.


  1. Socialize With the Right People

One of the best ways to make dating less stressful for you is to meet with the right people. A good way of doing it is to meet people with similar interests as yours or someone who’s in the same clique as yours. This task of finding the right person is now made easier with online dating, as it allows people to meet and get to know each other without all the pressure from their surroundings. Another way of ensuring that you’re meeting the right people is to understand what you’re really looking for and not settling for anything less.

  1. Avoid Focusing on Getting Rejected

We know that getting rejected hurts, but how much it hurts will actually depend on you. Stop dwelling on your bad experiences and learn from them instead. Also, be sure to keep your expectations in check and remember that most dates don’t really end up into happy relationships. With the right mind-set, you’ll be less stressed with dating and might end up finding a relationship that really works.


  1. Keep Things Simple

Starting slow and keeping things simple will also keep you from feeling overwhelmed with the idea of dating. Test the waters first by chatting over a cup of coffee or meeting with the person at an event you’re both attending. Once you’ve met, be open and take things at the speed you’re most comfortable with. You’ll be surprised at how dating becomes less stressful when you keep things simple.

  1. Do Things You Both Love

Instead of doing the usual movie and dinner date, do something that you both love on your date. If you’re both sports enthusiasts, attend a local sporting event. If you both love being around nature, take a walk in one of the best local parks in Singapore. Opt for dates that allow you to be yourself and to get to know your date. You’ll find dating more enjoyable if you just think outside of the box.

  1. Find Yourself

Perhaps the best way to make dating less stressful and overwhelming is for you to find yourself first. Know exactly what you’re looking for and how you’d want to be treated. Also, avoid trying to impress your date just so he’ll like you. Just be yourself, do the things that you like and see where things will go.

Being yourself and enjoying the moment is what will make dating less stressful for you. Remember that you’re looking for someone who complements you and not someone who’ll complete you. So just take things easy and see where it will take you.


Best Honeymoon Island Destinations in Asia


Choosing from several honeymoon destinations in Singapore might seem overwhelming, especially when all you want to do is enjoy the newly-wed bliss with your partner. To make your travel planning a lot easier, we listed down some of the breath-taking destinations in Asia that will provide you with that sweet honeymoon escape.


  1. Boracay, Philippines

Considered as one of the best beaches in the world, Boracay Island just never fails to amaze. Thrill-seekers will surely love the water and land adventures the island has to offer, while couples who prefer utmost relaxation have numerous luxurious but affordable accommodation options to choose from. A popular honeymoon destination choice in the island is Alta Vista de Boracay.

  1. Havelock Island, India

Snorkel, dive and explore uninhabited islands as you set foot on Havelock Island – the largest island of the Great Andaman in India. The island is one of the few places in Andaman that encourages tourism, making it a must-visit place for both backpackers and marine life enthusiasts alike.

  1. Koh Lipe, Thailand

Koh Lipe is one of the smallest island in Thailand – it’s so small that you can walk around it in just an hour. Don’t underestimate this island though, as it offers diving and snorkelling spots that adventure junkies will surely want to visit. If you and your spouse want to challenge yourselves, you can swim from this island to any nearby isles that are not that far.


  1. Bali, Indonesia

Want some quality relaxation from all the wedding festivities? Then have this mediation and yoga centre as your honeymoon destination. Aside from the soothing activities offered in Bali, you can also explore the island’s rice farms, marine life and forested volcanic mountains.

  1. Pulau Perhentian Island, Malaysia

This paradise is composed of two main islands that cater to different tastes. If you’re both up for a backpacking adventure, choose Perhentian Kecil (Small Perhentian). If you’re into a relaxing and luxurious accommodation, however, then head to Perhentian Besar (Large Perhentian). Regardless of which destination you choose, enjoy basking in the sun’s goodness as you tread the island’s fine white sand.

  1. Jeju Island, South Korea

Aside from being a venue for your wedding photoshoot, Jeju Island is also considered as an ideal honeymoon destination. Explore the highest mountain, walk their picturesque trails and swim in the exquisite beaches of South Korean. You can also get in the mood for love as you visit Loveland, Jeju’s adult theme park.

With these breath-taking island destinations, your honeymoon will surely become a memorable event for both you and your partner. So choose the place that best suits your interest as a couple and make the most out of your sweet escape.


Tips for Consuming Alkaline Water

Drinking alkaline or ionized water is highly recommended by doctors and health experts in Singapore. However, not everyone is familiar with this type of water, and even some people who have heard about it are still hesitant to check it out because they don’t know how to properly drink it. Here we’ve gathered some tips on how to consume ionized water in order to maximize its positive effects on your health.


Know the Levels of Alkaline Water

It’s important to know that ionized water comes in different alkaline levels, and that you need to start at level one (8.5 pH) before going any higher. Many people in Singapore do not know this, and start consuming ionized water in random levels. It’s recommended to start at level 1 for two weeks to see how the water affects your body before going any level higher.

Notice Your Body’s Reaction

Although it’s a much healthier alternative to tap water, alkaline water is not for everyone as it can cause negative effects if your body cannot adjust to it. If you experience stomach troubles or if you just don’t feel refreshed after drinking the water, try drinking a level lower or higher of alkalized water. However, your safest option is to go see a doctor and discuss the problem with him or her.

Drink It with Your Supplements

Who would have thought that drinking ionized water with your vitamins would contribute to the potency of the supplements? We often drink water with our meds just to make swallowing easier. If you are in the know, H2O Life Source produces good alkaline water in Singapore that you can drink from your home. Some even take for soda or coffee to go with their medication. But if you want to get the most of your vitamin supplements, drink it with ionized water.

Drink at the Right Time

It is best to drink alkaline water before and after—not during—mealtimes, especially if your meal contains meat. A good rule of thumb is to drink 20 minutes before and 20 minutes after meals. If you prefer to drink water during meals, squeeze a slice of lemon into the ionized water to add a bit of acid to your alkalized drink. The main reason for this is that during the initial stage of digestion, your stomach needs a more acidic environment to digest food.

Drink Plenty Especially When Ill

When you feel sick, the more important it is to drink healthier type of water. Drinking ionized water will help you recover fast and prevent your illness from getting worse, especially when experiencing vomiting, diarrhea, or excessive sweating. When you feel unwell, consuming plenty of water helps your body by:


• Reducing fever – water helps alleviate body temperature
• Thinning out consistency of secretions – hydration stops secretions from thickening and making them easier to expel
• Rehydrating the body – water helps replenish the lost liquids in the body due to vomiting or diarrhea.

Drink It During Exercise

When working out, our body lose more water due to excessive sweating. To rehydrate the body the right way, drink two glasses of alkaline water 15 minutes before working out and a glass of water every 15 minutes during the session. Drink even more water when working out in a hot environment. Alkaline water is a much healthier substitute to tap water as it helps reduce the effects of lactic acid build-up when exercising. Spring water is usually acidic, while tap water has chemicals that add to the toxic burden of your system.

Some Dos and Don’ts of Drinking Alkaline Water


1. Drink two to three glasses of ionized water when you wake-up. It wakes your system, flushes out toxins, and prepares the body to take in food.
2. Drink a glass of ionized water before going to bed. We lose internal fluids when we are asleep so it’s important to hydrate before sleeping.
3. Drink a glass of water before taking a bath or having a massage. This helps the body lower blood pressure and release toxins.
4. Sip water throughout the day. Especially when in the office, constantly sipping water helps you focus more on your work.


1. Drink water during meals. As mentioned earlier, it’s best to drink ionized water before and after meals. Drinking during meals will dilute the acid in the body, which is essential for digestion.
2. Wait until you are thirsty before you sip some water. You are already dehydrated if you wait to feel the thirst.
Some Handy Tips to Drink More Water
1. Always bring an alkaline water filter, which comes in a form of tumbler, wherever you go.
2. Consume more fruits and vegetables with high water content, such as watermelon, apples and cucumber.
3. Make drinking water a habit—post reminders in different places.
4. Sip a little every after toilet break. Before going back to your desk, stop by the pantry to chug down a glass of water.
5. Use a water filter that’s marked with ounces or even hours to help you reach your everyday water goal.
6. Keep track with the number of glasses you have finished with the help of free mobile applications like Carbodroid and Daily Water Free. These apps are equipped with alarms to remind you to drink a glass of water on time.

Alkaline water may sound intimidating, but it is highly recommended to be an everyday drink. Though there are some people in Singapore who do not know the importance of correctly drinking this type of water, having the right knowledge and guidance will maximize the health benefits this water has to offer.


What to Keep In Mind before Choosing Surrogacy

Life-changing decisions should be carefully thought of not just once, twice or thrice. With a decision that will permanently leave a mark in one’s life, it is best that all things should be considered. Take for example the process of surrogacy. This method is becoming an alternative for parents who can’t have their own child in the natural way. If you are about to make this decision of undergoing this process, then the following key points may help you to think more:


You need to secure your parental rights.

Even though surrogacy is a complicated process for others, all concerns should be properly address before undergoing the said procedure. Any loopholes in the agreement, whether done verbally or in written, may lead to connivance or deceit. One of the first things you have to be certain of is securing your parental rights. You and your partner may not have the capacity to have the child in the natural way but it is still both your genes that is running in him. You should not be deprived of the right to claim your child after the surrogate mother gave birth. All the details must be made clear in the agreement before you push through with this process.


Think of all the cost you may incur.

You might be surprised of the cost for the surrogacy of you are not financially ready. This can be expensive for others nevertheless there are several agencies who are willing to make the payments easier and more convenient for the couple. From the process of transferring the embryo to the surrogate mother to her nine months of bearing the child and up until the birth giving, several costs will be incurred. You must be prepared especially this is something you can’t place on hold while you are in the middle of the process just because you do not have the required amount on hand. Although it may really take a large sum of money from your budget, rest assured that your sacrifices will be rewarded in the end. Taking care of the child in your arms is the most precious moment that no amount of any money can ever pay for.

You are emotionally ready.

It may be heart-breaking to know that there is a problem for both of you as it affects your capability to bear your own child. It can become threatening too thinking that the surrogate mother may take away your child anytime that she starts to think of claiming him as her own. You may even be caught in the dilemma whether to choose surrogacy over adoption or surrogacy over artificial insemination. The reoccurring thought too that the surrogate mother might not handle it well and may lead to miscarriage is haunting. You will undergo all of these anxieties especially that it is your child which is the center of the concern here. It is normal however you must tell yourself that you should be emotionally ready for all these thoughts.



Points to Ponder Before Getting a Pet Dog


As the saying goes, a dog is man’s best friend. For people who own dogs, the services offered by dog boarding should be appropriate for their pet dogs. No owner would just leave their dogs in the hands of pet boarding establishments especially if they’ll be away for quite a while. Therefore, pet owners must make sure that the dogs will certainly get required services while they’re not present to look after them.


In case you have constantly been there for your pets, availing the assistance of dog kennels is unquestionably something new for you. Since you absolutely love your furry friends very much, it is reasonable that you want only the great for them. Since you have to attend to some matters and also have to leave them for some time, you should make sure that they will be well taken care of. With this in mind, listed below are the services that your pet dogs must make use of a boarding facility.

Food. Among all the services, this is actually the most important. You’d never want your pet dogs to be left starving. As the basic need of almost any creature, they must be well fed at the right time. In addition, the feeds must be appropriate for them. For instance, if they are still young dogs, they must be fed created for their age, like dried kibble feed. But if your puppies have food allergic reactions, make sure you tell the enterprise so they will be mindful of your dogs’ particular diet requirements during their stay at the boarding kennels.


Cleanliness. To maintain the well-being of your canines, they have to be kept clean on a regular basis. Since you won’t get to monitor them, it’s vital that you make sure that their cleanliness will be maintained. You may also get them groomed if you need to. Just speak about these things with the dog boarding company to ensure that they would know.

Big and organized kennels. It will be worthless to maintain your canines’ hygiene if the dog houses where they will stay is messy. Make perfectly sure that the place where your dogs will stay has sufficient room to accommodate them along with the other domestic pets. Also, these dog kennels need to be well lighted and have proper ventilation.

Safety. When you’re away from them, definitely, you cannot help but be worried about your dogs. You can just have the assurance once you learn they are safe and secure during their stay in the boarding kennels. Make sure they could be taken care of in case of any emergency situation, regardless of whether health-related or during a calamity. You need to be guaranteed that they’re safe from elements such as rain, snowfall or excessive sunlight exposure. On top of that, the pets must be safe from being harmed by other individuals, and even being abducted by them.

These are only a few of the services that an incredible dog boarding offers. Once your pets have being fed promptly, groomed, accommodated in properly-monitored dog houses, and free from harm, undoubtedly, you’ve chosen the optimal pet lodging company for your dogs.


Mistakes Event Planners Make When Renting an AV Equipment

Whether it’s a board meeting, a large conference or a gala dinner, event planners juggle all sorts of details for any event that they plan. All too often, however, these organizers overlook a crucial aspect of their event planning checklist:


the audio visual setup. Having a solid AV equipment setup is critical to the success of any event, regardless of its size or location. Audio visual production can be a complex process, which is why event organizers tend to commit mistakes that threaten the success of their event. Here, we have rounded up some of the common errors that event planners make, as well as ways on how you can avoid them.

1. Failing to Properly Budget for AV Needs

Many event planners tend to overlook audio visual rental costs, causing them to be surprised with the extra charges later on. To avoid this from happening, hold your AV equipment and PA system rental provider accountable by asking for guaranteed pricing. Have them provide you with a change orders slip for any deviations that you make from your original contract to avoid getting any surprise charges in your final invoice. Be sure to understand the pricing for replaced batteries and lights, as well as your total labour expenses, including both regular and overtime charges.

2. Deciding Based Solely on Price

This is one of biggest mistakes that event planners make when renting an AV equipment. While there is nothing wrong with bidding out your suppliers, do understand that a low price is not equal to quality audio visual services. Instead of immediately signing up with the provider with the lowest charge, check around and ask for references from family and friends. Get into LinkedIn groups and ask about AV providers like http://soundimage-pro.com/ in Singapore.

Also, find out what type of equipment the company is bidding, how experienced their technicians are and how long the AV equipment rental company has been in the business rather than just focusing on the price of their product and service charge.

3. Sticking to Just One In-House AV Bid

Opting for an in-house AV equipment and PA system rental company can be good, since they know the venue intimately and can get any last minute gear you want with their on-site inventory. However, not every in-house audio visual company is capable of providing the needs of every event, which is why it’s still a good idea to get multiple quotes from outside vendors before signing a contract.


Getting multiple quotes will allow you to compare prices and services, and help you find the best AV provider that can really cater to your audio visual needs. Just make sure that you inform your venue about this plan beforehand, since some venues in Singapore charge fees for using outside vendors.

4. Assuming That Your Venue Has the Equipment You Need

Event planners who scramble to find an AV equipment at the last minute often do so because they discovered that their venue doesn’t have the right microphone and sound system for their event. Some venues have audio visual systems in place – especially for those who host multiple conferences and events – but not all of them are equipped with the latest AV equipment.

Plus, venues that offer sound system usually don’t have audio technicians and engineers to operate the equipment. This is why it’s crucial to ask about audio equipment and production engineers while you are still looking out for a venue. If you don’t have your own equipment, but want to avoid the hassle of renting one, choose a venue in Singapore that offers on-site AV equipment and technicians that could cater to your event’s audio visual needs.

5. Neglecting Equipment Set-Up and Tear-Down Time

Underestimating the importance of having an extra equipment set-up and tear-down time often result to stressful and costly situations. For this reason, be sure to book enough time at your venue prior to and after your event so you won’t be surprised by the unexpected costs of overtime charges for your venue. Don’t expect your venue to give you extra time to set-up and take down your sound system – ask them beforehand to ensure that you got all your bases covered.

6. Cutting Corners to Save Money

As an event planner, you know that setting and sticking to a budget can be very challenging. Still, this doesn’t mean that you should already cut corners just to save extra bucks. Microphone systems are one of the common tools that get to suffer from this.

It has happened so many times that an organizer hoped to save money by renting just one or two wireless mics from their AV equipment rental provider. Yes, the need for mics would vary depending on the size of the audience and the venue – but using only one or two microphones in a large space leaves a lot of room for human error. Your guest speakers might accidentally turn off the mics or worse, the microphone cable might get unplugged. So put the risk in cutting corners into consideration during your planning process. After all, you wouldn’t want to make a decision that you will later regret.

Having a well-planned audio visual setup is crucial in making any event a successful one. So make sure that you keep these mistakes in mind so you could avoid committing them as you plan your own event in the future.


How to Make the Workforce Happier for Higher Productivity


Singapore takes pride in its workforce. You know that natural resources are limited as well as workforce which is why employers and the government are doing its best to improve productivity. Improving productivity is an essential key in achieving economic success as well as sustained prosperity.


In fact, the government stressed that improving productivity and raising it is at the core of the economic agenda. There are different ways to raise productivity. In the case of the country, it focuses on capital investment, skills training, business and technological innovation as well as importing foreign labours. All these things but they overlooked one factor that can make or break the workforce’s productivity – power of happiness.

Employers and business owners fail to consider this important factor. Happiness refers to an emotional or mental state defined by enthusiasm, passion, joy and even satisfaction. There is no doubt that happiness can improve memory and innovation. This is according to many psychologists. There is a clear and positive connection between the employee’s happiness and productivity. In simple terms, happy employees are more productive.

There was a study in 2014 conducted by the University of Warwick’s Department of Economics about worker’s productivity. According to the research led by Daniel Sgroi and Andrew Oswald, happy employees are 12% more productive while unhappy employees are 10% less productive. The research had more than 700 respondents.


Fortune Magazine listed Google, a US internet giant, as the world’s most valuable company and it is regarded as the pioneer when it comes to the happiness of their employees. In fact, Google is considered as the number one employers of Fortune – this is actually their seventh time this 2016.

However, Singapore’s workforce is not known to be happy. Actually, United Nations Sustainable Development Solutions Network put the city in the 24th place (out of 158 countries) in the 2015 World Happiness Report. To further strengthen United Nation’s claim, there was a study conducted by the Human Resources Institute and Align Group way back 2014. The study revealed that employees here are “under happy” – with a score of fifty nine out of one hundred in terms of workplace happiness index.

Traditional employers would not usually care about the emotional wellbeing as long as the employee achieves deliverables and targets. Little do they know that happiness is an important thing. It is like a fuel that can drive the economy. The employers should look for ways to boost productivity through programs that seek to create a happy workplace for everyone. Cooperation from the private sector and the government can make a difference at the end of the day.


Would You Consider Leaving Singapore?


Many people are contemplating of leaving Singapore not just for travel but to seek for more profitable jobs as well. Many people consider Singapore because of its favourable working condition. You see many foreign workers here and that will show that there are lots of opportunities – it is yours for the taking.

Processed with VSCOcam with hb1 preset

However, there is a recent survey that begs to disagree. While there are many migrant workers here, most of Singaporeans are considering working overseas. A poll was conducted by Hays, a recruiting firm. It found out that 85% of job-seekers said that they are willing to relocate for better job opportunities or career development while 12% will leave for lifestyle and the remaining 3% would never consider leaving.

Hays polled 2,553 respondents looking for jobs from here to Malaysia, Japan, China and Hong Kong. A whopping 97% of these jobseekers said they will leave the city to work abroad. You cannot blame the population for thinking of looking for greener pastures considering that the economy is taxing and life is getting more difficult. Prices are high, housing is expensive and education is costly.

However, in the case of Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs), deploying local stags to relocate overseas seems uphill. SMEs have problems with deploying workers overseas. Take the 2014 Development SME Survey. It revealed that 23% of SMEs admitted shortage of manpower to drive sales overseas. 23% was a big jump from 7% in 2013.


This goes to show that less and less people are thinking of moving for SMEs. According to the survey, the problem is with the mindset of people. People would relocate willingly if it is jobs from multinational corporations but when it comes to SMEs, they are adamant. Another factor why they are adamant is the length of stay. If it is for few days or months, it is acceptable since you can just think that it is for exposure.

However if it last for more than a year, you will become doubtful whether you still have a job when you get back. With this, SMEs should be clear from the beginning especially with the policies about overseas pay packages. This is to entice more locals to consider deployment overseas for the SMEs.

Hays concluded that the city has the most mobile workforce in Asia followed by China and Hong Kong. Local talents consider overseas in the hopes of gaining high value international experience. Job-seekers realized that employers give importance to local talents with international experience.

Female Backpacker Leaving the Airport to Catch Her Flight at Changi International Airport, Singapore

Instagram-Worthy Spots in Singapore

Whether they admit it or not, most people get a twinge of satisfaction after seeing the likes stack up on their perfectly composed image on Instagram. Singaporeans, in particular, are one of the most avid users of social media and with a city brimming with insane architecture and diverse cultural artefacts, it’s quite easy to see why. That said, we’ve rounded up some of the cool and quirky places to snap the Instagram photos of your social-media dreams, while having a great time in the process.


  1. Clarke Quay

Clarke Quay is simply a kaleidoscopic mix of colonial Singapore and futuristic skyscrapers. Once known as a centre place of the local trade, it has now turned into a haven for foodies who enjoy relaxing outdoor drinks in bars and restaurants.

Going on a trip from Clarke Quay to Marina Bay would also be a good idea if you want to capture that perfect lens flare between the buildings or the otters that live in the waterways.

  1. Koon Seng Road

After capturing the modern side of the city, it’s now time to juxtapose your Instagram feed with a bit of colonial history by strolling in the colourful Koon Seng Road. The block is a stretch of rainbow-coloured buildings showcasing the influence of the East and West in their architectural style. The northern side of the street is considered as the most picturesque, so visiting the place in the morning will allow you to snap the sun perfectly hitting the façades.

  1. Cloud Forest in Gardens by the Bay

Time to celebrate and take amazing snaps of the trademarked Singaporean ingenuity by visiting the Cloud Forest at the Gardens by the Bay. Like something out of the movie Avatar, you get to see sky-bridges float over the lush rainforests and waterfalls splashing all around you, all housed in sci-fi movie inspired bio-dome. Although it’s a popular attraction among photographers, there are endless crannies and nooks that you can check to get your own original shot.


  1. Palawan Beach, Sentosa

The three main beaches located in Sentosa Island are Tanjong, Siloso and Palawan, each with their unique characteristics. Siloso beach is for the more adventurous locals and tourists with its manmade whirlpools and waves, while Tanjong caters to the city’s elite group with its popular Tanjong Beach Club. If you’re a photography enthusiast, however, then Palawan beach is for you. The Robinson Crusoe vibe of its rope bridge is definitely a good addition to your feed.

  1. Singapore Flyer

You’ve probably sized this up as some kind of a tourist trap but we assure you that it’ll surprise you with the absolutely stunning scenery that it offers. So enjoy it and you’ll be rewarded with a snap that’ll surely make your followers hit the ‘like’ button.

With its amazing sceneries, getting an Instagram-worthy photo in Singapore isn’t that difficult. So go ahead, capture some great photos and enjoy these places at the same time.