Satay – A Must-try Singaporean Dish

Like many dishes in Singapore, Satay is also one of the foods in the country must be tried by every tourists. It is a dish that is made from grilled meat of pork, fish, beef and many more. Satay is not only a famous food in Singapore but also in the entire Southeast Asia.


Indonesia is said to be the land of Satay; however, because there are a lot of people who go from different countries to another, it is believed that it spread all throughout Southeastern part of the continent. The countries include Thailand, Malaysia, Cambodia, Philippines and many more.

For some Singaporean restaurants, chicken or pork Satay is the most popular. However, tofu and beef satay are also served. On the other hand, the dish is very easy to prepare. You just have to marinate the meat after slicing it into thin strips (usually, bite-size pieces). You can add spices and herbs to make it more flavorful.


After soaking it to the different spices, the next thing to do is put its meat in to the wooden sticks for grilling preparation. Actually, you can even prepare satay on your own place. You will just need a charcoal and a grilling stool. Traditionally, Satay is a dish that is usually served with sauce that is made of sweet and spicy peanut sauce and not of peanut butter.

Indeed! Satay is a dish that must not be forgotten during your Singapore visit. Although it is sold in other Southeast Asian countries, still, the Satay in Singapore has different and delectable taste.



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