The Basics of Web Hosting

Using a web hosting provider to promote business products and services is very popular in Singapore. It helps Singapore-based businesses in reaching clients across the world. However, there are still some who are not well-knowledgeable about what website hosting is all about. To help you fully understand what it is and how it can help you, here are the basics of website hosting.

What is web hosting?

See the folders and documents on you PC? They are all stored on your desktop’s hard disk ready for use anytime you need to. Just like your documents, a web page is a file. If your documents require your PC to store them all, web pages also need a computer where all of them have to be stored.

The only difference is that web pages are intended to be accessible by the public. To allow this, they have to be stored in a much higher type of computer than the type of computer everybody has, and must be connected to the Internet at all times through a highly powerful link.

The computer used in storing all the Singapore web pages is what we call the “web server.” As a group, a cluster of web pages is called as “web site,” and all of the web pages in the world form the World Wide Web (WWW).

It is providing bandwidth and space on a highly powered computer Host Merlion Singapore server that is linked to a high speed internet connection. Website hosting companies need to run large networks of high-performing web server computers in a setting known as data centre. These servers have to be connected to a high-speed internet connection.

The job of making web pages and web sites made is called Singapore web hosting. Some people also call it web space since web hosting provider sell “spaces” for a business to host their web site.

Kinds of Web Hosting

The 3 main types of web hosting are the free, dedicated, and shared hosting server. The most popular and widely used of the 3 types is the shared hosting server. With this type of server, your chosen hosting company will provide you with a bandwidth and disk space where you can host your site. A hosting company operates a number of this kind, which holds more than one web site, in a large data centre.

Amount of Web Space and Bandwidth

This is the allotted space given to your web site by your web hosting company. Web spaces offered by companies vary but typically start at 50 megabytes which could go all the way up to 200 megabytes. For most websites, 50MB is more than enough.

The size of bandwidth also makes a difference in hosting a good Singapore web site. The amount of bandwidth available will help support and manage the traffic of your site. Keep in mind that the more bandwidth available, the better performance of web site you can get. However, don’t be fooled by web hosting companies that offer unlimited bandwidth. Though some of these are legit, there are still some who are exaggerating their offers in hopes the user won’t use much.


Pay attention to cheap web hosting offers. These offers may lack in some areas, which you might encounter at most inconvenient times. Don’t be fooled by giveaway prices and unlimited offers. Price may also be one of your deciding factors, but there are much more to ponder if you want good quality Singapore web host.

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