The Perfect Band Members

Let’s face it, nobody is perfect. But then again, sometimes people’s strengths and weaknesses compliment each other. This is the good thing about having partners, you get to help each other! Now, let’s say you want to start a band and are looking for the perfect band members. Where do you begin? Wait a minute, how do you actually start? Well, the process might seem complicated but once you’ve got a direction, you’ll be find.

Now although a band is about the music they play, it would be impossible to create a band without any band members. This might be the hard part, finding the right members to shoot you towards the top!

Here are a few ways for you to find the perfect band members:

1. Skill
Measuring their skill is very basic but also very necessary. To be able to play good music, you must have good musicians. Sadly, no matter how much someone wants to join your band, if they don’t have the skill, you shouldn’t let them. Maybe if they were really interested in joining, you could probably give them some time to improve and measure their growth from there.

2. Vision
Having the perfect vision is very important. Making sure that your band members share the same vision is equally important. It would be really hard to be in a band where everyone of you has a different vision of how they want the band to turn out. There has to be a single vision to unite each and every one of you together.

3. Chemistry
Chemistry is very important but it takes quite a while to see if you guys have chemistry. Well, sometimes people instantly click but that is somewhat rare. Some people just don’t jive together. Finding people who compliment your music as you to them is very important.

4. Personality
Now depending on your vision, you must have members with pleasing personalities. If you aren’t aiming for anything that big, you wouldn’t have to look for members who are that invested. Looking for members who are willing to invest their time in the band is something you should be looking for.

5. What else can they contribute
Everyone needs to have something to bring to the table. Whether it be charisma, connections, or a pleasing personality, everyone needs to have that specific something which makes them part of the band. Everyone needs that something to make them irreplaceable.

Finding the perfect band members might be a hard thing to do at first but don’t be too hasty. Once you’ve found the perfect members, you wouldn’t have to spend more time searching anymore.

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