Visa-Free Countries for Singaporeans Perfect for Your Next Vacation Destination

Having a Singapore passport provides convenient entry to various countries across the globe. In fact, it is ranked as the world’s second most powerful passport according to the 2017 Passport Index. It allows visa-free entry to 167 out of 219 countries, which roughly equates to travelling 76% of the world without any hassle on your part.

While there are a lot of countries Singaporeans can freely choose to visit, this article will present 5 perfect destinations to tour for your next vacation. With your passport in hand, you are off to explore the world!

1. Mongolia
The country allows 14 Visa-free days for Singapore passport holders. With that, you can enjoy the magnificent view of the Mongolian countryside. You may even ride a horse in doing so! It’s refreshing to see vast green and breathe fresh air when you’re constantly working in central Singapore. The views will grant you to reconnect with nature and at the same time interact with the friendly locals. It definitely sounds like the trip you deserve after all the hard work you’ve done.

2. Cambodia
You don’t need to fly far if you want a quick escape from the routine of daily life. Located a few hundred miles above Singapore is Cambodia, which offers 30 visa-free days for Singaporeans. In Cambodia, you will find various monuments and temples of intricate designs — one of the most famous temple complex being Angkor Wat which is nothing short of majestic.

A visit to the temple won’t be complete without watching the sunrise, so be sure to find that quiet designated spot inside during your visit.

3. Greece
If you are looking for the perfect destination for your next romantic getaway, Santorini, Greece is the place to be. The place boasts of beautiful sunsets, romantic ambience, and nights filled with wine and cheese. The image of white cliff side homes with blue colored roofs isn’t all that Santorini offers. If anything, it remains to be one of the top places for a couple’s honeymoon.

4. Japan
Japan never fails to be perfect manifestation of traditional culture wed with modernity. Japanese food is remarkably fantastic yet fresh (Sushi, anyone?), locals are courteous and polite even to tourists, and the evident quirkiness of the place is just irresistible. The place is a giant treasure trove which awaits for visitors’ discovery and exploration. The good news is? The country opens its doors for Singaporeans visa-free for 90 days.

5. Peru
Travel back in ancient time by visiting the Inca city of Macchu Picchu in Peru. The country allows Singapore passport holders a visa-free stay for up to 183 days. The place is a famous destination for adventure-seekers as it offers quite a sight to behold, and most tourists remark their visit on the iconic religious site as a surreal experience. Llamas are everywhere in Macchu Picchu as well, so be sure to say hello!

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