3 Beauty Perks When You Quit Smoking

A lot of people smoke because for them it relieves stress. Regrettably, smoking does not make us beautiful. It causes a lot of bad effects not only for our body but also for our physical health. Quitting smoking will be very difficult. You will experience irritability and other withdrawal symptoms but if you stop smoking, it will do wonders for your inner health and it will also make you more beautiful.


Here are three beauty perks that you’ll get when you quit smoking.

No more wrinkles. When you decide to quit smoking, you’re doing your skin a big favor. It will prevent the growth and appearance of more wrinkles. Of course it will not eliminate wrinkles entirely because it is a natural part of the aging process but when you toss your cigarette pack, you will prevent the decline and loss of skin elasticity.

female face with wrinkles on her forehead

Improve overall skin health. Studies in Canada show that when you smoke regularly, certain skin conditions will worsen. Skin conditions like psoriasis, diabetes or lupus will improve when you quit smoking. You might be pleasantly surprised on how much your skin will improve months after quitting smoking.

Make teeth healthier and whiter. Smoking can stain your teeth and give you bad breath. The nicotine present in cigarettes can make teeth yellow, and cause tooth decay and bad mouth odor. If you stop smoking now, your teeth can still be saved from further damage and staining. Staining can be easily erased through orthodontic treatments so quit smoking as early as possible to preserve that bright smile.


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