6 Great Reasons to Get Married

In recent years, marriage number in Singapore have gone down. More couples are also opting to get married later, with women marrying at the average age of 28 and men at age 30. Part of the reason for fewer marriages is that career usually comes first to more people nowadays. Is there a way to make marriage work and still enjoy your career and other pursuits?

Here are compelling reasons to consider marriage.

You share the expenses

Some people stay single because they do not want the added expense of raising a family, but you can share those expenses with your partner if you both have jobs. If you do not have kids yet, you can enjoy buying for two people. Just think how much you will save if you cook meals for two people and buy supplies in bulk. Plus, you also get benefits that single people do not have like tax breaks if you have a child.

You divide the chores

Another thing to consider is that you can divide the tasks at home. You can also complete more tasks like cleaning, cooking, and shopping. If you are lucky enough to marry someone who is skilled at other tasks, you can also save money. For example, if you have a problem with your electrical wiring, you can ask your spouse to fix it for you instead of paying for an electrician.

Increase in social networks

You have more opportunities to make connections with the help of your spouse. You not only have common friends, but those friends and other family members can also help you.

Sharing your visions for the future

This is not to discourage single people to keep pursuing their dreams but having a partner for life means that there is always someone to come home to whether you fail or succeed. Your partner, or your kids if you plan to have them, can serve as good motivation to succeed in your career. Your can share your success with him/her especially if you have similar worldviews and visions for the future. Success is sweeter when there is someone to share it with.

Friend for life

Once you get over the intense romantic stage of your relationship, what you have left is a friend and confidante for life. Not all of your connections will be strong, but you can rely on your spouse to be there for you during your ups and downs. There is someone to get old with and not feel alone. Sure, not all marriages are perfect, but do not let a few horror stories discourage you in finding a good friend and partner.

You might have kids

Marriage is one thing, but the next step is discussing whether you want to have kids or not. Raising children is tough, but there are also a lot of reward. Plus, you get to pass on your genes and have a good reason to keep working harder.

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