Beauty Around the Corner

Some people go to great lengths to find something of utmost beauty to them without realizing that they don’t have to go that far, all they have to do is take a look around. Now the more we evolved, the more people started comparing themselves from one another. Some people even find success and validation in being able to copy others instead of being able to fulfill what they are suppose to fulfill or become who they want to become.

Sometimes it doesn’t take a journey to another country or an amazing experience for you to be able to experience beauty, sometimes it’s just around the corner. People’s expectations about certain things in life slowly increase the more they compare themselves to others. People start wanting more the moment they see their neighbor getting something new. We can’t help it, sometimes we want what others want. But the sad thing is, sometimes we don’t even want it for ourselves. Sometimes we just want certain things for us to be able to get validation from others. Now why is this? Well, sometimes we are afraid to define beauty on our own. Sometimes we are afraid of being judged by our standards when in fact, you shouldn’t compare yourself with others. What’s even more sad is that some people even invite people to compare them to others. Everyone wants to be “better” but nobody really wants to be themselves.

Singapore alone is a place of beauty, why should you go around elsewhere to look for more? Well, if your intention is to appreciate beauty then that’s okay. But if you are only going to appreciate it because you don’t know how to appreciate the beauty around you, that is definitely wrong. Learn how to appreciate the things around you. It’s kind of funny how we tend to waste a good thing and only realize it’s importance when it isn’t with us anymore. We can’t help it, sometimes we only know we love a certain thing once we’ve lost it.

Valentines day is coming up, we’re not saying you should be romantic, we are just saying that maybe this valentines, you’ll be able to appreciate the small things around you instead of looking elsewhere for beauty. There is beauty all around and if you find something beautiful, don’t hesitate to appreciate it. Sometimes this world just needs a little more people who are able to appreciate beauty and show others how to be happy with the simple smiles around them.

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