Dos and Don’ts in a Hot Spring

A trip to the hot springs is not that different from a trip to the beach, right? Well, not exactly, because even when you’re on the beach, you still need to observe rules to avoid accidents, which is why a trip to the hot springs isn’t different. Dos Read or listen to instructions before you

5 Things to Do Before Boarding a Cruise Ship

It’s easy to get lost in the ease and simplicity of cruising—you book yourself a trip and then everything from meals to accommodation is already booked. However, a little planning and preparation can make your cruising experience a lot better. Here are five important things you would want to know before boarding your cruise. 1.

6 Smart Tips for a Successful Last-Minute Vacation

Procrastinators, rejoice! That vacation you have always dreamed of (but have not gotten around to booking) can be yours anytime soon. Just get your laptop and make sure to be flexible with your dates. These tips will get you to your well-deserved break. 1. Last Minute Travel Means “Short Notice” Unlike literal ‘last minute’ travel—where