Collagen Benefits You Probably Didn’t Know About

When you hear the word collagen, the first thing that comes to mind is clear and youthful skin. Am I right? Indeed, collagen works wonders on your complexion, but what most of us likely do not know is that it’s beneficial not just on the face. Intrigued enough? Know what this miracle potion is and its benefits that you probably didn’t know.

What is Collagen
Collagen, one structural protein that composes 1/3 of our body’s natural protein and 70 percent of the protein that makes up the skin. Collagen, basically, serves as connective tissues that provides structure and strength to the skin, cartilage and even the bones.

Benefits of Collagen
Collagen is popular for its skin benefits. It gives the skin structure and strength and plays an important role in the replacement of old and damaged skin cells. As we age, the amount of collagen that our body can produce declines, which is why we turn to collagen supplements to boost our body’s collagen level. But aside from the magic it can do to the skin, collagen can also provide you with these lesser known yet amazing advantages.

1. Boosts Gut Health
Nobody wants a leaky gut. It can affect your overall wellbeing, making you feel cranky, unexplainably tired and uncomfortable. The amino acids present in collagen helps with digestion and prevent gut inflammation to improve your stomach health

2. Aids in Weight Loss
Having protein-rich lunch helps curb cravings and control your appetite throughout the day. That means collagen, a natural protein in the body, help with your fitness goals as well.

3. Build Strong Strands
While everybody knows collagen for providing skin-perfecting benefits, it doesn’t get enough attention for it’s wonderful effects on the locks. Collagen have antioxidant properties that fights free radicals and help keep your hair healthy and strong.

4. Improves Athletic Performance
Naturally, aging affects a person’s athletic performance, which leaves people vulnerable to exercise-related injuries. Fortunately, taking collagen supplement speeds up the recovery and muscles and tissues and helps alleviate joint pain after more rigid physical activities.

5. Protects from Alzheimer’s Disease
According to studies, a higher dosage of collagen can create a form of protection for the brain that helps fight amyloid-beta proteins, which attack the brain neurons and cause Alzheimer’s Disease. Collagen forms some sort of shied that prevents the toxic protein from binding to susceptible neurons, reducing the risk of brain cells degeneration.

Collagen is one of those few supplements that everyone can benefit from if you include it in your diet. From providing youthful skin to protecting yor from brain-health problems, collagen is a true nutritional powerhouse you should not miss.

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