Correct Presbyopia Early in Singapore

Presbyopia, also referred to as “the ageing eyes” condition or lao hua in Singapore, is an inevitable since all of us have will eventually get affected by it after we have crossed the age of forty. While most individuals start experiencing symptoms of presbyopia by the time they have crossed 40 and are well into their mid-40s, the development of this condition may be delayed and a few may not report any signs as late as their early 50s.

However, the fact of the case is that all of us would suffer from it and there happens to be no escape since presbyopia is part and parcel of the natural ageing process and it affects all individuals from around the world, including those residing in Singapore. But at the same time, by undertaking a few effective steps, you can actually correct presbyopia Singapore in order to ensure that you do not face any complications in the future. The fact that you suffer from blurry vision by the time you cross your forties, even though you feel very young and lively, can come as very depressing. It is due to presbyopia that you start having trouble reading a magazine and are forced to hold it an arm’s length distance in order to achieve clarity.

Moreover, you would also experience blurry vision when looking at the computer screen and going through written material in a poorly lit room, for example reading a menu card inside a restaurant. Furthermore, you would also face problems going through text and messages written in very small fonts such as those on labels pasted on pill bottles and various other products. The first thing you need to remember is that presbyopia is one of the most prominent signs of ageing and results in strain in the eyes while you are observing objects which are in very close range.

While you might have never worn glasses to see objects located in long distances, you may have problems going through them when they are brought to close. A large number of people between the ages of forty and fifty have reported that they become aware of this condition when they faced trouble trying to see clearly objects which were positioned very close.

Lao hua is basically defined as a condition in which your eye experiences loss of focus as you age, and as mentioned above, all of us go through it. The development of presbyopia is basically associated with the natural lens which is located behind the iris of your eye, which is also referred to as the crystalline lens. The iris happens to be the coloured area of the eye, and while the lens has been doing a fabulous job helping to focus objects at various distances since the time you were born, but as you age, like all other organs and muscles in your body, new layers continue to grow over it produced by a natural protein which takes care of the lens. This results in the lens becoming thicker and denser with the passage of time, to the extent that it grows so thick that the muscles are unable to change their shape which means that it is unable to focus on objects which are positioned near to it.

This is when your vision becomes blurry, and you are said to be affected by lao hua. There are many eye health facilities located across Singapore with professional eye doctors who you can consult if you think you are also suffering from presbyopia. There are various treatment options available for you to choose from.