Dos and Don’ts in a Hot Spring

A trip to the hot springs is not that different from a trip to the beach, right? Well, not exactly, because even when you’re on the beach, you still need to observe rules to avoid accidents, which is why a trip to the hot springs isn’t different.


  • Read or listen to instructions before you get into the hot springs. Some cultures are very particular about etiquette when it comes to bathing in a hot spring, so rather than complain about the rules, you should find another hot spring with fewer restrictions.
  • Some hot springs require customers to not wear any clothing at all. If you are not comfortable with such an idea, find another hot spring that will allow customers to wear towels or swimwear.
  • Check the temperature of the hot springs, because some might be too hot for you.

  • Take extra towels with you even if the hot springs provide them for free.
  • Take your shoes off and leave your valuables in a locker.
  • Wash thoroughly before using the hot springs, because you are not there to take a bath in the warm waters, but to soak and relax.
  • Drink lots of water before taking a dip to avoid dehydration.
  • Some hot springs allow their customers to drink alcoholic beverages, so always check the rules.
  • The hot springs is a place to relax for some people, which is why you should keep quiet, too.

  • Cool off and drink water if you feel your body temperature is getting too hot.
  • Wash again if you’re planning to return to the hot springs.
  • You can take another bath once you’re done, but make sure to cool off first.



  • Do not ignore instructions for proper use of the hot springs, these places are not like the swimming pools and saunas, but are natural formations with real dangers.

  • Do not use the hot springs if you are pregnant unless you have a clearance from your doctor.
  • Do not use the hot springs if you have a heart condition.
  • Do not bring small children in the hot springs.
  • Do not bring your pets to the hot springs.
  • Do not use your perfume, lotion, and other body products before you take a dip.
  • Do not wear your jewelry and other accessories in the hot springs.

  • Do not use the hot springs if you have an open wound that has not fully healed yet.
  • Do not pee or blow your nose in the hot springs. You’re not the only one using the pool after all.
  • Do not litter in the hot springs. If you bring snacks and drinks, make sure to dispose of them properly.
  • Do not jump in or make a splash, you’ll scald your skin and bother the other customers.
  • Do not swim. Why would you? The water is hot.

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