Epi Lasik Eye Surgeons in Singapore

When it comes in treating vision, one of the popular methods employed is the LASIK eye surgeon. At present, Epi Lasik Singapore is considered as one of the frequently performed procedure for Singapore refractive surgery. The term is an abbreviation for Laser Assisted in Situ Keratomileusis.


The procedure is well known because of the great Singapore Epi Lasik advantage that it gives when it comes in vision correction. Aside from this is the fact that it offers speedy recovery and less pain Epi Lasik operation. In the procedure, there is a Singapore instrument used called microkeratome that makes thin and circular flap within the cornea. At present, some surgeon use laser in creating a flap. Now, laser is the new technology use in the operation. On the LASIK procedure, both the farsighted and the nearsighted Singapore individual could benefit from Epi Lasik. To those nearsighted individual then, the goal of the Epi Lasik procedure to is to flatten the cornea that is too steep while to those farsighted patient, the cornea tends to become more steeped. Through the use of excimer laser, the astigmatism is corrected through smoothing certain irregular cornea to a more ordinary shape.


To understand more the Singapore procedure, here are the ways on how it works. The first part in the Singapore Epi Lasik procedure is the determining of the candidate if he or she is a good Epi Lasik candidate. Basically, one of the criteria is the age. It is vital the patient is aging 18 years or above. Once the patient finds out to be 18 years of higher, the Singapore surgeon will conduct complete surgical eye examination in order to measure the cornea and make sure that the patient has vision problem where in the Epi Lasik surgery is applicable. During this time, the surgeon could tell the things to expect as well as the kind of preparation that needs to be done before the Singapore lasik operation happens. This is also the right time to ask questions to the Epi Lasik surgeon about the operation as well as the cost of the Singapore Epi Lasik procedure. During this time as well, the surgeon will give pointers about the proper wearing of glasses and the right cleaning of the area of the eye in preparation for the operation.

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