Food Holidays worth Celebrating

Here in Singapore, we celebrate everything. This is just to show appreciation to the world. We celebrate Chinese New Year, Valentines, Easter, Independence, Mid-autumn, Halloween, Christmas and many more. We also celebrate birthdays, promotions and weddings. Indeed there are a lot of things worth celebrating every day. Singaporeans are excited to celebrate during holidays especially in the face of delicious foods.


Speaking of foods and holidays, do you know that there is such thing as special food holidays? There is also a special day for your favourite foods. Here are some food holidays that you should keep track:

  • International Bacon Day: The United States spearheaded this International Bacon Day but Singaporeans can choose to imbibe it. Almost all people love bacon. It is tasty but let it be known that it is not a healthy breakfast meal. International Bacon Day is celebrated every August 30.
  • International Coffee Day: Coffee is like the universal drink. Wherever you are, coffee remains to be a staple drink. If you love Starbucks or Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf, you can drop by and have your sip. The International Coffee Day is celebrated every October 1.
  • International Hamburger Day: Singaporeans also love burgers. Most hamburger restaurants celebrate International Hamburger Day and they offer insane discounts. You should know that the International Hamburger Day is celebrated every May 28.

NoGarlicNoOnions-International Burger Day-2014

  • National Pizza Day: Italian or not, everybody loves pizza. The National Pizza Day is celebrated every February 9. You can eat in a pizza restaurant or you can simply have it delivered right at your doorway.
  • National Ice Cream Day: Ice cream is the best refreshment during hot days (or even cold ones, if you prefer it). The National Ice Cream Day is celebrated every December 13 or 3rd Sunday of July. Kids and the kids at heart specifically love this holiday.
  • National Chocolates Day: Who will miss the chocolates? The National Chocolates Day is celebrated every November 29.
  • International Cake Day: If you are in for a sugar overload, you can always look forward to the International Cake Day. This holiday is celebrated every July 20.

To others, these holidays mean nothing but for food enthusiasts, the holidays hold meaning and they are worth celebrating. If you feel like celebrating, there is nothing wrong with that. You can either go to famous restaurants specializing in that specific food or you can make it personally.

If you share these foods to your friends and family, you will surely have a good time. So, what are you waiting for? Celebrate now and know the difference.



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