Getting Custom Wedding Rings Made

Nowadays in Singapore, custom wedding ring and engagement ring have become a popular trend. This style is preferred by many because it can be as simple or as stylish as they want on the price they can afford. If you’re also considering of having customized rings, here are some of its advantages to help you decide.

• Highly customizable: The most obvious advantage of having custom wedding ring made in Singapore is that you get to decide for the design. You can include any detail you want on the ring. If you’ve seen a ring design that you really like, you can simply copy and add a few personal touches to it, such as engraved text of your wedding date, your monogram, or your and your fiancé’s name.
• Unique: Since Singapore custom wedding bands Singapore and proposal ring are personally designed, you’re assured that your rings are the only pair of its kind. For sure, anyone who’ll see it will complement its uniqueness and will be amazed that you’ve personally designed it.
• Affordable Price: This is one of the best reasons why many couples in Singapore prefer to have custom wedding rings. Because the rings are personally designed by clients and are not designed by world-renowned jewellers, the price isn’t very high.
• Mutual Agreement: This is between you and your partner. Custom wedding rings are personally designed; therefore, you and your partner can sit down and draft the design consulting each other’s opinion. This will not only cater to the preference of both sides but will also give meaning to every curve and cut on the ring.

Designing the Ring
Now that you have finally decided to go for custom rings in Singapore, here are the things you have to decide on.
• The Gemstone
The main feature of wedding bands and proposal ring is the gemstone. Choose carefully what stone you want to have on the ring – diamond, pearl, or your birthstone. Customarily, the chosen centrepiece for engagement ring is diamond. But if you want to be unique, you can have other stones in your preferred colour and shape.
• The Cut
After choosing a gemstone, the gemstone’s cut is the next thing to decide on. The shape of the stone affects the whole appearance of the wedding ring, so be very particular as to what cut is good for your chosen design. Scan through magazines, surf the internet or visit Singapore jewellery shops for you to be familiar with the different cuts and shapes of the stone you like to have.
• The Metal
The metal is almost as important as the stone. Choose a metal to use for the wedding bands that you both like as a couple and that suits your stone. Gold is the most popularly used ring metal, but there are other more kinds of metals that are commonly used by many today, such as platinum, silver, and titanium.
• Setting
This is the placement of the stone and the design you want to have on the wedding bands. Decide what design and if there should be engraved texts to the rings. You also have to determine whether you want a single centrepiece or accentuate it with small side stones.