How to Make Dating Less Stressful


Dating can be a really overwhelming chore, which often results to an unpleasant experience. Although it’s easy to get out of the dating scene when things starts becoming difficult and awkward, avoid going on that path though. Here, we’ve listed down some tips on how you can make dating more enjoyable than stressful.


  1. Socialize With the Right People

One of the best ways to make dating less stressful for you is to meet with the right people. A good way of doing it is to meet people with similar interests as yours or someone who’s in the same clique as yours. This task of finding the right person is now made easier with online dating, as it allows people to meet and get to know each other without all the pressure from their surroundings. Another way of ensuring that you’re meeting the right people is to understand what you’re really looking for and not settling for anything less.

  1. Avoid Focusing on Getting Rejected

We know that getting rejected hurts, but how much it hurts will actually depend on you. Stop dwelling on your bad experiences and learn from them instead. Also, be sure to keep your expectations in check and remember that most dates don’t really end up into happy relationships. With the right mind-set, you’ll be less stressed with dating and might end up finding a relationship that really works.


  1. Keep Things Simple

Starting slow and keeping things simple will also keep you from feeling overwhelmed with the idea of dating. Test the waters first by chatting over a cup of coffee or meeting with the person at an event you’re both attending. Once you’ve met, be open and take things at the speed you’re most comfortable with. You’ll be surprised at how dating becomes less stressful when you keep things simple.

  1. Do Things You Both Love

Instead of doing the usual movie and dinner date, do something that you both love on your date. If you’re both sports enthusiasts, attend a local sporting event. If you both love being around nature, take a walk in one of the best local parks in Singapore. Opt for dates that allow you to be yourself and to get to know your date. You’ll find dating more enjoyable if you just think outside of the box.

  1. Find Yourself

Perhaps the best way to make dating less stressful and overwhelming is for you to find yourself first. Know exactly what you’re looking for and how you’d want to be treated. Also, avoid trying to impress your date just so he’ll like you. Just be yourself, do the things that you like and see where things will go.

Being yourself and enjoying the moment is what will make dating less stressful for you. Remember that you’re looking for someone who complements you and not someone who’ll complete you. So just take things easy and see where it will take you.


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