How to Remain Sane: Tips for New Moms


You can hardly believe that a human being popped out of you. The inexplicable pain and joy of emotions from giving birth can leave a new mom overwhelmed for a while. There will be no idle time to ponder on these new feelings, though – because the moment your baby starts his Day 1 is also the moment you say goodbye to yourself as he will need all your time, energy and attention. Sometimes, no matter how prepared and excited a new mom is in beginning her motherhood journey, the hay-wired hormones kicks in. But fret not as this list of rules will come in handy to keep your sanity:

Happy mother with newborn baby

  1. Soak in love and affection. You, as a mom, are not alone in gushing over your baby. You will find that the attention of the people in your home and even those in your social media are all over your tiny bundle of joy. Alongside these are the advices on sleepless nights and breastfeeding and diaper changes. Do not mistake this as their way of pressuring you. Advices from family members and friends, though unsolicited, are well-meaning. This istheir way of showing they care for you. Appreciate the love that surrounds you. The right perspective will make yourdays full of positivity.


  1. Celebrate the smallest things. When you open your eyes to this joyful motherhood experience, you will notice the tiniest things worth celebrating for. Find joy when the baby makes face or raises his feet – these are just few of the many things you will find deeply entertaining! One more thing to be thankful for are favorable little circumstances. Perfect timings, no matter how trivial, are something to be grateful for. A good 10-minute extra eye-shut or a 5-minute quick shower is golden than none at all!


  1.  Ask. It is perfectly okay to ask. New moms often second-guess themselves. Do not be afraid to ask your spouse, your parents, your in-laws and your other mom friends for help and information on anything. They know what you are going through and they are more than willing to help. Join online communities. These online communities likewise serve as support groups in more ways than you can imagine!


  1.  Eat. Don’t forget to eat your meals. Coping with the demands of a newborn is difficult with an empty stomach. Always stock on foods that are easy to prepare. Eat snacks in between. When you are properly nourished, you will be able to give full attention and care for your baby. You will have the energy or hours of breastfeeding or nights of dancing him to sleep. Eat foods that are energy-boosters. A healthy mom equates to a healthy baby.


When there’s a newborn in the home, there will always be unfinished chores. Do not be hard on yourself for these unaccomplished tasks. Do not lose sleep thinking about the seemingly endless list of things-to-do that keeps on piling up. After all, you have been doing a good job in your most important task – that is taking care of your bundle of joy.  At the end of the day, remember that the act of selfless love is more than enough to keep a new mom sane!


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