How You Can Get the Most Out of Your Office Security

Security has always been a major concern for business owners in Singapore, especially when it comes to protecting property with locks, encrypting sensitive data, or installing surveillance systems to monitor office activity.

This is where adding a door access control comes in, which helps business owners in securing their assets. Your security system company in Singapore can easily provide you a door lock installer fit for your needs. However, these biometric systems have their limits, and the best way to make up for them is often to integrate these different security systems into one large system.

Biometric Door Access Systems
This security system is great for keeping access to your offices and facilities available only to authorized personnel, which keeps them secure.

There is more than one type of access system that you can use to install in your office, such as biometric marker access systems (access systems that require a thumbprint biometric or a facial biometric), a card and pin access door system, and even an intercom system.

An intercom solution basically brings together audio and video communication with additional security and access to control. With that, an SIP intercom is commonly used with its adaptability to different application environments.

CCTV and IP Camera Systems
A standard security measure to keep your business secure is to add a CCTV (closed-circuit television) camera or an IP camera system, which is a more advanced version of security cameras that you can access whether you’re in the country or abroad. It’s best to consult your service provider for cheap security cam installer options in Singapore.

An analog camera or a CCTV camera is essentially an office camera that is connected to a closed circuit; and even an IP CCTV system is no different. The only significant contrast is that data travels faster and can be accessed more easily with an IP CCTV.

To get the most out of your office security, you might want to invest in more than one an IP camera and integrate both your security camera systems and your biometric access system in one central network.

The Fully-Integrated Security System
The best aspect of a biometric system is that it can be built on an open platform and integrated into a central system. This central system can also be connected to CCTV camera systems, the intercom system, or even a card access door.

Along with an analog camera and a CCTV system, the best way you can improve your security for your office is by integrating a surveillance camera with your biometric door access system through a central network.
A door access control system can work with other access systems for the benefit of added security, and the information can be sent to a central access point (i.e. a computer with the necessary software) in your office.

This central access point is then made available to a system administrator, who controls how the system behaves as well as manages the database, track access entry, entering the data points for new authorized personnel, and analyzing a thumbprint biometric and a facial biometric.

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