How You Should Go About a Blind Date

Because of the rise of dating apps in Singapore, blind dating is not done much often anymore. But if you think about it, online dating technically still counts as blind dating. How many people understand blind dating is that a friend of yours sets you up with someone he/she knows. That means you might actually not know your date personally, just like in online dating. So, if you happen to find yourself being set up for a blind date, here are some things might need to do to keep things smooth.

Before the date…
Contact your date
Basically, the friend who sets you up can give you your date’s number so that you can make arrangements on when and where to meet. You can try to find out your common interests so that you can go to places you’ll both like. This way, you’ll be in a comfortable environment throughout the date. You can suggest places and agree with each other on which places both of you prefer to go to.

Have the right mindset
Again, because you don’t technically know who your date is until you see each other, it would be good to think about the date as a time to meet new people. Thinking about it as if you’re about to meet “the one you’ve been looking for” might not end well for you. Unless you immediately click with your date and appreciate each other’s presence, it should be good not to expect too much from the date.

During the Date
Come early
Probably one of the most common advice (and for good reason) you’ll hear when it comes to dates is to come early. When you’re there at the venue earlier, you’ll be able to psych yourself up and get used to the atmosphere of the place. It’s also simply because no one really likes to wait and being late gives off a bad impression, especially in your first meeting.

Start talking
So you’ve finally met and exchanged greetings with your date, of course, what you’d want to avoid the most is having awkward silences. One good way to start is to say something about the venue you’re in. This is why planning on a place that you’re both interested in is so important. It can help you stir up a conversation in a bat.
Try your best to keep your remarks positive as well. It obviously will not end well if you keep complaining about things.

After the date
Obviously only two things can happen after: you like each other or you don’t. If you feel like you and your date go along well, try to set up a second date. If you end up not really feeling each other, tell your date that you had fun still. Either way, you can still end the day in good terms.

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