Nailing the No-Makeup Look

8 Must-Have Products to Pull Off the No-Makeup Makeup Look


While it may not look like it, a no-makeup makeup look is actually one of the most challenging beauty looks to pull off. But the trick to perfecting this look lies on the skin. Here, we listed down the essentials to this sought-after makeup look, along with a few tips and tricks on how you can achieve it.

  1. Primer

The first step to nailing this beauty look is to refine your skin’s texture by applying a primer that suits your skin type. For ladies with dry skin, a hydrating primer is the best option to smooth over those dry patches; while a mattifying primer that fills in the pores and combats oil is an excellent choice for women with oily skin.

  1. Foundation

Ensure that your foundation stays as natural-looking as possible by choosing a product with a light to medium coverage and has a satin finish. Don’t worry about the redness and blemishes peeking through though, since you’ll also be covering it up with your concealer.

  1. Concealer

A concealer that fades into the skin after blending is a must in any no-makeup look. Although its coverage is the utmost priority, factoring in a concealer’s finish and texture is also crucial to achieve a more natural beauty look. All you’ve got to do is dot it over your problem areas, then blend it either with your finger or with a damp sponge.

  1. Blending Sponge

The best way to prevent your makeup look from looking cakey is to use a damp sponge when applying your foundation. A good blending sponge absorbs the excess product and helps achieve a beauty look that stays close to your skin’s natural texture.

  1. Setting Powder

Applying too much powder is a huge no-no for a no-makeup beauty look. Professional makeup artists even recommend using setting powders without much coverage, since you’ll only be using it to keep any shine on your face at bay.

  1. Highlighter

This beauty look won’t be complete without that natural glow, and for this, highlighters that don’t have any obvious shimmer is the best choice. Just make sure that you apply it with a light hand to maintain a fresh- and natural-looking complexion.

  1. Mascara

A no-makeup makeup look calls for a mascara that separates and lengthens the eyelashes, so say no to clumpy mascara formulas that won’t hold your curl.

  1. Cheek and Lip Tint

Since you’re aiming to pull-off a natural-looking beauty look, it’s best to veer away from liquid lipsticks and powder blushes as it’ll make your skin appear powdery and your lips unnaturally matte. Instead, opt for lipsticks, cheek tints and lip tints that’ll add colour to your face in a more natural way.

Pulling off a no-makeup makeup look isn’t really that difficult. All you’ve got to do is figure out what products would help you achieve that natural glowing look, and you’re good to go.

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